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1981 Richard and Juleann (Howell, '82) Miller relocated to Davenport, Iowa. Richard is head of staff at First Presbyterian Church of Davenport. Juleann completed her Ph.D. in nursing and works as an assistant professor at St. Ambrose University's School of Nursing. Robert "Bob" Graham wrote the dialogue for the movie House of Boys, which was filmed in Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Morocco from December 2008-January 2009. He still teaches music and English in Germany. 1982 Cheryl (Morrison) Spear lives with her husband, Tim, and her sons in Doha, Qatar, where she teaches at the American School of Doha. 1984 Dennis Salisbury has lived and worked in Butte, Mont. for the past 14 years. He serves on his church's parish council, the Anglican Communion Network Council, the Montana Academy of Family Physicians Board, Senator Baucus' Healthcare Advisory Panel, and, until recently, as chair of the American Academy of Family Physicians Subcommittee on the Assembly Scientific Program. Laura (Fry) Goheen teaches second grade in Darrington, Wash., and is a new grandmother. Elaine (Paulsen) Brant retired after many years as a teacher, psychotherapist and psychologist. She now volunteers with the Red Cross as part of its disaster response team. She has served at more than 15 disaster sites, including Oklahoma City, New Orleans, and New York City after 9/11. Elaine was also part of a counselor training program in Tanzania. Currently, she is a part-time home-care chaplain through the St. Croix Chaplaincy Association, in Stillwater, Minn. Peter "Pete" Swicker moved to El Paso, Texas, where he works as a DEA unit chief at the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC). 1985 Susan (Skinner) Tavernier completed her Ph.D. in nursing from the University of Utah College of Nursing . She lives in the mountains outside of Boise, Idaho, with her husband and four children. 1986 Catherine (Verdier) and Michael Brown returned to the United States in 2008 after 10 years in Central Asia. 1987 Danielle (Brown) Waite and her family moved back to Marquette, Mich., for her husband's job. She has returned to neuropsychological testing for rehabilitation medicine. 1989 Bethany (Woodard) Nettleton lives with her husband and two sons in Michigan, where she manages a law firm library in Grand Rapids. Lorinda (Funk) Newton teaches a newsletter and yearbook class at a home-school co-op in Bellevue, Wash. James Jones is the owner/head of the film-TV  division of Premier Talent Group, a Hollywood talent agency representing actors, producers and professional athletes. After presenting at a global music conference last year in Bologna, Italy, Tim Black, a music teacher in Okinawa, Japan, had an idea to train 45 South African music educators in collaboration with the University of Pretoria this summer. Black is gathering donations of money and equipment so that teachers, who are currently provided with just a tape deck (if they have any equipment at all), can be outfitted with computers and basic training in music technology. For more information, contact him at tim.black@pac.dodea.edu.


a girl, Elisabeth, to Karen (Dusek) and Scott Longacre, April 28, 2008
1989 a boy, Marc Robert, to Darrin and Ariane Schmidt, March 9


Charles Burke, x'80, passed away Jan. 27. He was highly decorated by the U.S. Air Force, then went on to work in hospital administration. One of his greatest joys was helping to raise his grandsons. He is survived by his wife, eight children, and other family. Margaret "M.J." Maguire, '82, passed away Dec. 6. She dedicated her life to nursing. In her spare time, she loved traveling throughout the U.S. and Ireland. M.J. is survived by three sisters and other family. Roger Samsel, '85, died Sept. 1, 2002. Helen (Elbert) Keller, '80, died June 25, 2008. She taught nursing at Deaconess Hospital, in Spokane, and was a nursing supervisor at the Spokane VA Medical Center for 22 years. She retired to care for her grandchildren and to volunteer at the Loon Lake Food Bank and Deer Park Senior Center. Helen is survived by three children and other family.

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