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Your Letters
Letters should be under 200 words and are subject to editing. Send letters to tmitchell@whitworth.edu.

Is Global Warming Real -- and Man-made?
I read the letter on global warming by Keith Benson and wanted to respond. I believe in individual responsibility. We operate a farm that has been in my family for more than 100 years. It is our job to take care of the earth to the best of our ability.

From Range Magazine, fall 2008, comes this quote from Walter Williams: "Here are my questions. In 1970, when environmentalists were making predictions of man-made global cooling and the threat of an ice age and millions of Americans starving to death, what kind of government policy should we have undertaken to prevent such a calamity?... In 1939, when the U.S. Department of the Interior warned that we only had oil supplies for another 13 years, what actions should President Roosevelt have taken? Finally, what makes us think that environmental alarmism is any more correct now that [the alarmists] have switched their tune to man-made global warming?"

I think the left-dominated media have sold us a bill of goods on this issue. They have destroyed lots of people in the process, but they sure have gotten a lot of money and power.

Granella Thompson
Parent of a current Whitworth student

I read Keith Benson's letter on global warming in the Fall/Winter Whitworth Today, and I have some thoughts. I do not believe global warming is due to human activity. I do not believe our liberal press is honest about this issue and others, but [I believe that they] want to influence what we believe - something I have been studying for several years. The smell of political influence is everpresent.

I was contacted by an organization called the Petition Project of Cave Junction, Ore., and La Jolla, Calif. I like their scientific approach. They asked if I agree with their position (that global warming is not manmade) and, if so, as an engineer, would I sign their petition. I did. At this point they have 31,072 scientists and engineers, of whom 9,021 have Ph.D.s. They state that the U.N. has 600 scientists, but they are never permitted to participate in the [organization's environmental] reports or approve them. I am registered as a professional engineer, having passed the state exam in the '60s and qualified as a practicing engineer. I did my lower-division engineering at Whitworth (what a wonderful experience), then the upper-division work at U.C. Berkeley.

The Petition Project lists 132 scientific studies to support its claims. I would be happy to send Keith Benson a copy of its 12-page report.

Vaughn Chamness, '53

Memories of the Whitworth Tree
We always read Whitworth Today cover to cover. The piece that caught us up short this time was Loss of a Treasure - The Whitworth Tree. I took Sue on a walk to that tree in September 1967. I told her the significance of the tree, and then I got down on my knee and proposed to her. I am glad to say she accepted. Later that week she helped me remove the pitch that the tree had deposited on my pants!

A number of years later we were on campus with our young daughters to attend a Whitworth Institute, and we went out to the tree and took a family picture there.

You can see why the article on the loss of the tree hooked us. It also got us thinking that there are probably many alums who have stories and pictures from the tree, and we thought it might be fun for you to solicit copies of some of those pictures for a future edition of Whitworth Today. I know that we are digging out the photo album that includes those pictures, and we will be showing it to our grandsons this Christmas.

Mark, '72, and Sue (Julian '71) Snelling

Editor's note: We'd love to see your photos of the Whitworth Tree. Please send them to us as .jpg files (no larger than 3MB, please) at tmitchell@whitworth.edu or mail us hard copies at Terry Mitchell, Editor, Whitworth Today, 300 W. Hawthorne Road, Spokane, WA 99251.

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