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Hugh Johnston arrived at Whitworth in 1957 as an assistant professor of chemistry. Reflecting on his first few years here, Johnston says, "When I arrived on campus, I was in a challenging place in life. But the faculty and staff really made me feel welcome."

More than 50 years later, Johnston is still a fixture on campus - now as a volunteer in the archives department. He and his late wife, Mary Boppell Johnston, decided to establish several planned gifts with The Whitworth Foundation and named Whitworth as a beneficiary in their will. "Whitworth has done a lot for me," Johnston says. "Giving something back was the least I could do."

Naming Whitworth as a beneficiary of your will is a tremendous way to show your support for an education of the mind and heart in any economic environment. For information on this or other planned gifts, please contact The Whitworth Foundation at 800.532.4668 or foundation@whitworth.edu. Or visit our website at www.whitworth.edu/foundation.

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