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Editor's Note

After the typical craziness of fall and the tumult of campaign season (which seems never to end anymore), we're settled into our cozy offices in Hawthorne Hall, pulling together all the pieces of the file that will become Whitworth Today's Fall Issue 2010.

We don't lack for news. Since our last issue we've bid a most fond farewell to Bill and Bonnie Robinson and have rolled out the red carpet for Whitworth's new president, Beck Taylor, and his wife, Julie, and family. Beck has been in constant motion over the past few months meeting constituents, giving speeches, spending time getting to know faculty and staff, hanging out with students, being inaugurated (!), and tooling around campus in "The Beckmobile," a snappy little golf cart that's easy to spot and usually surrounded by students who want to say "hey" -- or the current equivalent of "hey" -- to the new pres.

Inauguration Week, and the inauguration ceremony for Whitworth's 18th president, tops our news list this issue. It's joined by stories about the first Bruner-Welch Endowed Chair (you'll have to read the story to find out who it is); the campus visit by Not For Sale, a group doing its best to put an end to human trafficking; a Whitworth student who just became a national triathlon champion; Forrest Baird's 100th Core 250 class (whew!); and a bunch of hate-filled protestors who tried to get a rise out of Whitworth and failed (unless an overwhelmingly positive response can be called "a rise").

Our features include an interview with President Beck Taylor; a piece on the future of the Tea Party by Andy Hogue, one of our young political science professors; and an interview/opinion story about changing trends in media by Jerod Jarvis, '11, The Whitworthian's 2010-11 editor-in-chief. A quick word about Jerod: When he was in my Core 150 discussion group a few years back, I knew from his first argumentative essay that this humble young man was an honest-to-goodness writer. And over the 3.4 years he's been at Whitworth, he's just become better and better at what he does. Jerod is the real deal -- a good student, a fine writer, a reliable contributor, and a great person who continues to learn how to serve and encourage others. In a few years, the 2015 Whitworthian editor-in-chief will probably write an article asking Jerod where he thinks the media are headed.

I know that most of you, when you receive Whitworth Today, go directly to the Class Notes to see how your Whitworth friends are doing. That section is full of interesting info this time around, as well. Read about the Gibbs sisters, recent alums who are working on advanced degrees at the country's most esteemed university. Check out the accomplishments of Erin Yinger, '04, who founded a business devoted to "fill(ing) the mental-healthcare gap" in communities from Spokane to Kellogg. After reading their bios, I was ready to go out and change the world.

I hope that you find our magazine interesting and even inspiring -- like the people who populate our stories. It's our mission to convey what our students, faculty, staff and alums are doing to make the world a little brighter by curing ills, lifting spirits, sharing resources, and using God-given, Whitworth-honed talents to leave the world a better place than it was when they arrived.

Oh, and read fast. It'll be campaign season again before you know it.




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