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Rx for Success

Rx for SuccessRx for Success
Fifty-nine Whitworth alums, from the classes of 2007-11, are now enrolled in some of the top medical schools in the nation. What accounts for the success of Whitworth's pre-med program? Five M.D.s tell how their Whitworth education prepared them to excel in medical school and equipped each for the demanding life of a skilled, compassionate physician. Read More...

Five for the RoadFive for the Road
This spring, Whitworth bids adieu to five longtime profs who've made their indelible mark on the lives of students, fellow faculty, and the institution itself. Read what they have to say about their memories of Whitworth and their ambitious plans for the future. Read More...

Whitworth 2021Whitworth 2021
What kind of university will Whitworth be 10 years from now? A commencement speaker from the future visits this issue to introduce readers to Whitworth's far-reaching vision and strategic plan, Whitworth 2021: Courage at the Crossroads.

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