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Letters from You

I'm writing to ask that you no longer send me Whitworth Today. The matter that has brought me to act is the Tea Party article in the Fall/Winter 2010 issue. It is shabby. Assistant Professor Andrew Hogue willfully misrepresents matters several times in his article. He does this most clearly when he describes television commentator Rick Santelli as having "...screamed and cursed his way through a rant..." and then goes on to describe the Tea Party as "guided by anger and given to absolutism." The tone throughout Hogue's article is disingenuous and condescending. I realize that my last statement is in part subjective, but there it is. Those I have observed in the media as well as those I know who are involved with the Tea Party are good people operating in a generous spirit.

Larry LaBeck, '90

Write Us!

We want to know what you think – about Whitworth Today, and about Whitworth in general. Send us an e-mail (tmitchell@whitworth.edu) to offer your response to Whitworth 2021. Share a memory of one of our retiring faculty. Remark upon the work of a friend whose name appears in our Rx feature. Respond to a news story or one of our departments. Your comments help to steer the direction of this magazine, and we're interested in what you like about W.T., what you want to see more of – and what you'd just as soon never see again. (The phrase "If you can't say something positive, don't say anything at all" doesn't apply here.)

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