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Krister Johnson, '13

NAME: Krister Johnson, '13

MAJOR: Philosophy


KNOCK, KNOCK: Philosophy jokes usually imply that philosophy is impractical, idle speculation with no real-world application. On the contrary, philosophy teaches you to question, reason and argue. You learn to consider other perspectives, explore alternative worldviews, and test the foundation of your own. Rather than being impractical, I've found philosophy to be the most valuable major for my future career path.

LET'S BE REASONABLE, SHALL WE? The class Introduction to Logic rewired the way I think. A professor once said that learning logic is like fixing blurred vision by getting glasses. He is exactly right. Intro to Logic benefited how I write, debate, speak and listen. It even helped boost my LSAT score in preparation for law school.

FORREST BAIRD (right, with Johnson) ROCKS!
Forrest Baird's legend is well deserved. I had the privilege of participating in his Core 250 Europe Study Program. He packed years' worth of culture, laughter, philosophy and fun into that short Jan Term. The experience changed my life. Once I returned to campus, I got to be Forrest's teaching assistant for his Intro to Logic class, getting to experience my favorite class all over again. He has taught me about the pivotal figures of Western and Eastern thought. But most of all, he has taught me to start every day, class and activity with a smile and a joke.

WANNA DEBATE? I'm in my third year on Whitworth's Ethics Bowl team (2012 national champs!). I'm also one of the founding members of Whitworth's revived forensics program (2012 national champs!).

MEMORIES… I was recently pulled into a conversation with some freshmen in my dorm. They were posing some of the big worldview questions that all students inevitably encounter during our time at Whitworth. I began adding questions to the conversation and proposing some of the answers that Whitworth professors often give. With every minute, the students' excitement grew. Our conversation lasted for hours, well into the night.

WHAT'S NEXT? I'm going to law school after I graduate from Whitworth. I've applied to Harvard, Yale and Stanford. I want to shape public policy, in whatever role I end up in.

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