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Mr. Whitworth: Then and Now

More Reflections from Former Mr. Whitworth Winners
We checked in with six Whitworth alumni and asked them to remember that glorious moment when they clinched the Mr. Whitworth title, and to tell us what has happened in the years since. 

Taylor StormTaylor Storm (2009)

Three words that described me: jaguar, ruthless, innocent

What clinched the Mr. Whitworth title for me: I took 13 years of contemporary dance and Zumba. I believe that the beautiful mixture of those two disciplines helped me capture the title.

Three words that describe me: P90x, electric-wind, dimples.

What I'm doing now: Sales for a home -improvement company called System Pavers.

Kevin Benson (1997)Kevin Benson

Three words that described me: funny, loud, juvenile

What clinched the Mr. Whitworth Title for me? The previous years, before the 1997 competition, the winners had done these really complicated multi-song lip sync numbers. I decided to just do one song. I choreographed some ridiculous dance (thanks, in part, to some ladies in Jenkins, as I recall), and then I wore a horribly ill-fitting costume and I lip-synced and danced the heck out of that number. Ultimately, I think what clinched the title, was that a HUGE cadre of friends from Baldwin-Jenkins showed up and cheered their heads off. Even though it was cold, windy and the weather was horrible, we had a great time!

Three words that describe me:
funny, loud, older

What I'm doing now: I've spent my career working for nonprofits as a fund-raiser, and, more recently, for healthcare nonprofits. I love that I get to be creative in my work and that I get to bring humor and passion and fun to my co-workers and my team. I don't often break into a lip-synced song and a dance routine, but if the opportunity presents itself, I just might.

David CollinsDavid Collins (1996)

Three words that described me:
light-hearted, comedian, ridiculous

What clinched the Mr. Whitworth title for me: Well, I wasn't the body-building type or the athletic type. I was the theatre/music-geek type. I think above everything else, the lip-sync portion clinched the title for me. Most people would let a song play and give it their all, but by the second verse it just loses steam, no matter what you're doing.

With my CD collection and a dual tape deck, I edited together a mash-up of everything from grunge to Dave Matthews to classic rock to the Muppets' "Mahna Mahna." I cut in sound effects like burps and farm animals and I lip-synced all of it, timed to different musical hits and stabs. And I kept it short, at around two minutes.

Three words that describe me
: happy (getting married this year!), driven, musical

What I'm doing now: Not surprisingly (considering the lip-sync contest), I'm a sound designer and mixer, as well as a voice actor and musician down in Los Angeles. I worked at Lucasfilm for more than 10 years doing sound for Star Wars games, and I now work at Sony Playstation as a sound manager.

As a voice actor, I'm the voice that speaks to you when you call Capital One. And I try really hard not to imitate Leonard Oakland. 

I mix trailers and short films on the side.

Beau Chevassus (2006)Beau Chavassus

Three words that described me:
eccentric, creative, driven

What clinched the Mr. Whitworth title for me:  During the second chorus of "I'm Blue," curiously handsome backup dancers Eric Fredriksen and Gavin Jamieson (both '07) swooped onto the stage in support of their Mr. Whitworth candidate (me), who was painted bright blue from head to toe.

Three words that describe me:
atypical, creative, forgiven 

What I'm doing now: I am happily married to Liz (Kutrich) Chevassus, '08, raising a brand-new human being (Lucy), while battling daily two nondescript street cats, Petri and Splat. For work I am the full-time web designer at an online school, Internet Academy, and I own and manage Chevassus Studios, which primarily provides viral content for my YouTube channel, which has 18.8 million total views. I am also kept busy creating and managing a nonprofit corporation that provides creative media for charities (Knok Studio). Every Thursday and Friday you can find me teaching a Christian-based mixed martial art that I have co-created (Kalos Agon, LLC). I also love Jesus a lot.

Ben CouchBen Couch (2001)

Three words that described me:
Mac, afro, Mountain Dew 

What clinched the Mr. Whitworth title for me: Maybe it came down to Kenny Pecka holding and playing his little sister like a guitar vs. my smashing of an acoustic guitar onstage. You'll have to check the judges' scoring records, but maybe the big afro I had gave me the edge.

Three words that describe me: thirtysomething, social business, engaged

What I'm doing now: I work on supply chain and social projects for Traditional Medicinals, a medicinal herbal tea company in Sebastopol, Calif. I just finished my MBA in Sustainable Operations at Monterey Institute of International Studies, and I've been contracting with them full time since graduation and will move into a supply-chain coordinator role next quarter. I really like the work and path I've had in this area; it's a great balance between business analytics and community engagement toward a sustainable supply chain strategy.

Eric MoffatEric Moffat (1998)

Three words that described me:
 fun-loving, nerdy, boisterous (at least, that's what some of my friends said back then)

What clinched Mr. Whitworth: I couldn't pull off the loincloth like my friend Joe White (Class of 2000), so I went for a creative spin on the different events, including being Cleopatra in gold sequins for the formal-wear competition, a nerdy beach bum (with a little candy bribe) for the swimsuit competition, and pulling out all the stops for a medley of songs including Wind Beneath my Wings, and a little walking-the-catwalk-with Right Said Fred, donning an afro wig (as wells as a message written in lipstick on my chest).  

Three words that describe me
: hard-working, loyal, proud to be nerdy!

What I'm doing now:  Physics teacher at a high school in Troutdale, Ore. (east of Portland). Married to my wife of 10 years, Leah (Viertell) Moffat ('01), with three children:  Maggie (7), Sam (7), and Miles (4). I'm involved at our church, teaching Sunday school, and participating on the worship team. 


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