Computer Labs

Whitworth University Academic Computer Labs Computer User Responsibility Policy

All users are to participate in assuring legal and ethical use of Whitworth computers and user accounts, and to limit user access to computers, data and programs for which the individual is authorized. Specific responsibilities include the following:

  • Academic computer labs are for the purpose of completing coursework and other academic projects. When there is space available, they may be used for homework,
    e-mail and other personal correspondence.

  • The labs are not to be used for gaming or for the viewing of pornographic or other materials that would violate university policies on sexual or racial harassment or the behavioral-conduct regulations of the Whitworth community as stated in the university catalog and the student handbook.

  • Users are not authorized to install software or modify existing programs on university computers. This includes the introduction of public-domain or bulletin-board or chat software on any Whitworth computer without prior approval by the department of instructional resources.

  • Users are prohibited unauthorized access to others' data with the intent to read, browse, modify or delete files, directories, or data in any form.

  • Users are prohibited from making or downloading illegal copies of commercial software and music files.

  • Users are prohibited from using Whitworth computers or networks to compromise other computers or networks, or to commit crimes or other unethical acts.

  • Users are to keep passwords and accounts confidential.  Take appropriate safety measures with regard to account access, to include the following:

  • Choose difficult-to-guess passwords.  They should not be found in a dictionary.

  • Change passwords often.

  • Do not leave terminals unattended without logging out.

  • Never share your password with another person.  If you suspect that your password is not longer confidential, change it immediately.

  • Handle all data responsibly in accordance with published campus policies, especially the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.  If in doubt about the confidentiality of data, do not release it until the right to release the data has been determined.

  • Any violation of the stated responsibilities regarding system security should be reported to computing services.  All users are to participate in assuring legal and ethical use of Whitworth computers and user accounts.  Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or enrollment.

  • By accepting and using your assigned Whitworth account, you are accepting and agreeing to abide by the terms of this policy.

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