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Presentation Equipment Support

Instructional Technology and Media at Whitworth

Instructional Technology and Media Services maintains a pool of audiovisual equipment for short-term loan and on-campus use. There is no charge to university departments for equipment loans as long as the loan is connected with legitimate university coursework, research or administrative functions. Special fees apply to conferences, camps, and other activities. Equipment is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and instructional use takes priority over all other requests.

Equipment Use Policies

Our goal in the Instructional Technology and Media Services Department is to serve all university departments and all segments of the Whitworth community in their needs for audiovisual equipment support. The reality is that our limited resources sometimes result in the Instructional Technology and Media Services Center not being able to meet all requests for its services. Please help us alleviate potential problems by following these guidelines.

ITMS Policies for Equipment Use

Equipment may be used without fee, subject to availability, by departments or offices of the university, for any bonafide educational or administrative function. (The term "educational" is understood to encompass not only the academic programs but also educational activities organized by Student Life, Chaplain's Office, Lindaman Center, etc.)

University-related use that is neither educational nor administrative in nature may be subject to user fees. These "fee for use" activities include:

  • Use by off-campus groups arranged through the Conferences.
  • ASWU or student organization programs that do not serve as a learning experience.

The ITMS Center manager has the responsibility and authority to set reasonable guidelines and restrictions with the respect to such matters as:

  • Equipment that may not be checked out.
  • The length of time for which equipment may be checked out.
  • Advance notice is required for delivery or set up.
  • Delivery and setup of equipment outside the ITMS Center's scheduled hours of operation is subject to the availability of personal, and to charges for labor.

ITMS requires at least three days advance notice to schedule equipment.

Video playback/recording equipment will be delivered, set up, and subsequently retrieved by ITMS staff at the location where it is to be used. Equipment to be used outside the ITMS Center's hours of operation must picked up at the ITMS counter by the requestor and returned the following day of operation to the counter.

  1. An exception to this general rule is the availability of one or more playback units that may be checked out by faculty and other personnel in connection with bona fide university functions. Individuals who check out these units accept responsibility for their care, safety, and timely return.
  2. Other exceptions may be made for unusual circumstances at the discretion of the ITMS Manager.

Entertainment use: Departments or campus organizations wishing to view and/or show videos for entertainment purposes are encouraged to rent equipment from commercial sources off-campus. Use of ITMS video equipment for entertainment purposes is subject to established fees for use and the user must be within the copyright law when utilizing ITMS equipment.

Athletic Functions: Due to the special needs of the athletic programs and the exceptional demands that they tend to place on video equipment, the Athletics department is asked to meet its own video needs as far as it is possible. The ITMS Center's video equipment is not normally available for taping of athletic events or training activities. Exceptions may be made, when unusual circumstances warrant, at the discretion of the ITMS manager.

Student Organizations: Equipment use by ASWU, Residence Hall Councils, and other student organizations is subject to the fees for use. Student organizationa must comply with Whitworth University's copyright policies and the copyright law. See the student handbook for more information about copyright policies or visit Student use of equipment must be cleared through a Whitworth University staff or faculty member. This can be done by contacting Judy Dehle.

Personal Use: Equipment will neither be loaned nor rented for personal use. This applies to faculty, staff, and students.

Non-Whitworth Users: Off-campus groups or organizations using university facilities under the auspices of the Lindaman Center, Conference Services Office, or other host department of the university will be charged the fees for Non-Educational / Non-Administrative use (even when they are engaged in activity which may be deemed educational). Equipment may not be used by non-Whitworth groups or individuals for functions (whether off-campus or on-campus) that are not officially arranged through a university department.

Operator Services

  • ITMS provides delivery, set up and retrieval of the equipment, but does not have adequate staff to provide regular operator services. Individuals who request equipment should be prepared to operate it, or arrange for someone else who can do so. Upon request, basic instruction will be provided if needed. Please contact Judy Dehle or Todd Mallery for training.
  • Persons requesting video recording services or audio recording services are asked to fill out a Whitworth Facilities Request Form.


Instructional Technology and Media Services provides, without charge, regular repairs and maintenance on all Whitworth University audiovisual equipment. Repair or replacement parts over $40 are charged to the customer. ALL customers will be financially responsible (see below) for any loss or damage, beyond normal wear and tear, incurred to the loaned equipment during the period of check-out. This does not include such things as burned out bulbs, damaged cables and/or equipment failure. Customers will be responsible for safely and appropriately storing loaned equipment if they are unable to return it during normal ITMS hours or have a check-out period of 24 hours or more.

Equipment Damage

If any equipment is damaged due to mistreatment and/or irresponsibility on the part of the patron, the following repair fees will be charged to that patron:

1. $60 per hour for labor
2. Cost of any parts needed for repair

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