President Beck A. Taylor

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Academic Community Greeting

Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil.
President, Gonzaga University

Members of the Whitworth community and indeed the greater Spokane community, it is such an honor and privilege to have been asked to send and to bring greetings on behalf of my colleagues in Spokane's higher education community to welcome you, Dr. Taylor, to that community and to your work as president of a true jewel in the crown of Northwest higher education, Whitworth University.

Thayne McCullohWe who have the privilege of serving this community are so grateful in particular for the faculty, the staff, and you students for the tremendous positive impact that all of you have and are and for the relationships that we have built and now will continue to build under your leadership, one with one another.

Dr. Taylor: under your leadership and together with your colleagues and community, may Whitworth continue to be a beacon of light and of hope a source of inspired knowledge and faith filled intellect for all of us as we join together with you, indeed to build a community of courage. And may you know that you have in us all, at all times a willing and supportive community.

President Taylor, Whitworth community, congratulations!