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Faculty Greeting

Richard Strauch, D.M.A.
Professor of Music and President of the Faculty

President Taylor,

On behalf of the faculty at Whitworth University, I welcome you to this community of teachers and scholars.

Richard StrauchWhitworth is a very unique place. As we live in a time when it often seems that religious, political, and intellectual intolerance are valued more highly than thoughtful discourse, openness, and collaboration, we have an opportunity not only to be different, but to make a difference.  We have an opportunity to model informed, respectful discussion on some of our world's most difficult issues, for our students and for the larger community. We have an opportunity demonstrate what it means to be rigorously committed to understanding God's truth in all of our disciplines, and to showing how that truth can bring redemption, healing, and grace to a fallen and suffering world, to say, in some small way, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like this.”

The faculty's commitment to carry out Whitworth's mission, and to make a difference, has never been stronger. But in the years ahead, we look to you to help us meet the challenges that are before us. We look to you for support, encouragement, and a clear vision in our efforts to be faithful to our calling to teach these wonderful students and to grow in our understanding of our disciplines. As Christians of many traditions, we look to you to help us model with integrity what it means to integrate faith and learning for our students, each other, and the world. And as individuals created in God's image, we look to you to help us maintain balance in our lives, to be good stewards of our work time, our time with our families, and our spiritual lives. We need to be reminded from time to time that it is okay to shut the door at the end of the day and go home, and so we remind you, too, that it is okay for you to at least crack the door shut and go home to Julie, Zach, Lauren, and Chloe. You will leave a great legacy to Whitworth, but the legacy you leave them will be greater still.

And so as you join us in our work here, we invite you to partner with us in our teaching, learning, and service. Welcome to Whitworth, and God bless you.