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Spokane Community Greeting

The Honorable Mary Verner
Mayor, City of Spokane

As Mayor of the City of Spokane, it is my honor to welcome Whitworth's new President, Beck Taylor, to Spokane.

Mary VernerWe are blessed in Spokane to have a wealth of higher education institutions that:

  • Entice our young people to stay in Spokane to receive an education.
  • Extend their outreach to the broader community to allow for lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Work together collaboratively to help our community move ahead.

Whitworth University is a positive force in our community, and I am delighted you have selected President Taylor to lead this institution and continue this connection with the greater region.

Beck, I look forward to working with you and Whitworth into the future.

And on behalf of the citizens of Spokane and the greater Spokane region, please accept our best wishes for a long and fruitful tenure at Whitworth.

Thank you.