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Student Greeting

Josh Boyden, '11
President, Associated Students of Whitworth University, 2010-11

My name is Josh Boyden, and I am the Student Body President for Whitworth University. I'm here to greet Beck on behalf of the students, and in true student fashion I'm going to keep this as short as possible. Josh BoydenI would like to take this time to express how excited we are to have Beck's leadership for the university. Already, Beck has done a great job connecting with students. He's become a visible and calming presence on campus. We all approve of the leadership and character that he brings to this institution. As we move into this new era of leadership, the students would like to encourage Beck to continue the work started by 17 presidents before him. We love this school for what it is, but still see the potential for improvement. Beck, continue to work to make this university one of the best and remember that we're the one's writing your pay checks. So, Beck, we the students would like to formally welcome you into the Whitworth family. Thanks so much for your service.