President Beck A. Taylor

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Board of Trustees Greeting

The Rev. James M. Singleton, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Colorado Springs

We are indeed standing on Holy Ground on a day like today when we are inaugurate a new president, when we understand the transition of a community. It is upon that Holy ground that we dare to tread because it was the real belief of a search committee and the board of trustees that through a long a careful search god was leading us directly to Beck Taylor to become our next president. We knew that looking for a president at this season of the life of this institution would not be an easy task. We had to find someone who would embrace the mission of this institution; an education of the mind and heart, the deep commitment to Christ, the fierce openness to truth and we needed someone who would be a visionary leader for these next years to both ignite and instill a vision in us working collaboratively to understand what God was about to do, through a very prayerful process looking at a number of wonderful people both the search committee and the board believe that indeed it was God's call upon you Beck, to come and lead us in this next venture. God has answered our prayers, he has appointed one for just such a time as this and thus Beck we invite you into this moment of privilege and a moment of great responsibility. It is holy ground and you will have our prayers and you will have our love and we look forward to walking together on this wonderful journey of this next venture of this wonderful institution.