2001-2003 Catalog

The 2001-2003 Whitworth catalog files listed below are saved in the Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be viewed and printed with Adobe Reader®. If you do not have the Adobe Reader® software installed on your computer, you can download a free copy from the Adobe website.

Undergraduate Programs
Art Mathematics and Computer Science
Biology Military Science/ROTC
Chemistry Modern Languages
Communication Studies Music
Core Nursing
Economics and Business Physics
Education, The School of


English Politics and History
English Language Program Psychology
Environmental Studies Religion and Philosophy
General Education Sociology
Health Professions, Preparation for Theatre
Kinesiology and Athletics Women's Studies Program
Leadership Studies Program  


Graduate Programs  

Graduate Studies in Education

Master of International Management

Master in Teaching Nursing


General Information  

Academic Calendar

E-Mail and Telephone Directory

Academic Information Facilities
Accreditation Financial Aid
Administration Financial Information
Admission Graduation Information
Board of Trustees Our Mission and Heritage
Campus Map President's Welcome
Educational Goals Student Life and Services
Educational Philosophy The 4-1-4 Calendar

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