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Acceptance of Transfer Credits

Whitworth will accept undergraduate and graduate work in transfer from regionally accredited institutions. For institutions without regional accreditation, transfer of credit will be considered if the creditability of the institution can be supported by the "three-letter rule," which states that it is the responsibility of the student to provide three letters from regionally accredited institutions certifying that they will accept credit from the institution from which the student is seeking credit. A total of two-thirds credit will be awarded to non-regionally accredited Bible schools that hold an ABHE accreditation.

  1. Maximum of 96 quarter (64 semester) credits accepted from any combination of regionally accredited two-year institutions.

  2. Every student must complete a minimum of 32 at Whitworth. 94 semester credits accepted from regionally accredited four-year institutions, or combination of two & four year institutions.

  3. Courses not accepted if: course was non-college level or vocational-technical, grade received was lower than a "C," course was graded incomplete or "no credit," course repeated significant content from previously taken course.

  4. Credits will be accepted from Bible schools accredited by ABHE on a 2/3 basis providing grades meet the criteria stated in number 3 above.

  5. Courses meeting Whitworth's General Requirements for Graduation indicated by codes below on the Transfer Equivalency Guide.

    AD=American Diversity  NS=Natural Science
    FA=Fine Arts OC=Oral Communication
    FW=Fitness/Wellness PE=PE Activity
    GP=Global Perspectives   SS=Social Science
    HU=Humanities  WC=Written Communication
    MA=Math & Statistics WL=World Language

  6. Courses taken as lower-division credit may fulfill upper-division requirements if the content is similar to a Whitworth-offered course, but these courses will not be counted as upper-division credit.