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Students Holding AA Degrees

Students transferring with approved associate of arts or science degree will receive the following:

  1. Junior standing (60-64 semester credits)

  2. Waiver of all general requirements, except ...

    1. a choice of: Core 150 Worldview Studies I: Christian Worldview Perspectives Core 250 Worldview Studies II: The Rationalist Worldview Core 350 Worldview Studies III: Applied Ethics, Public Policy and Worldviews.

    2. biblical literature -- three semester credits in the Old Testament, New Testament, or one or more books of the Bible (usually taken at Whitworth).

    3. world language -- eight semester credits, 15 quarter credits or a full year of college credit in a world language, including American Sign Language, are required.

Maximum 96 quarter (64 semester) credits accepted from any combination of accredited two-year institutions when an associate of arts or science degree has been earned.