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Whitworth University Career Services

The Whitworth University Career Services Office is committed to providing the resources and guidance required by our students and alumni as they discover their unique talents and abilities, exercise these abilities through experiential opportunities, and effectively initiate and implement their career plans. We provide individualized advising and services to students throughout their undergraduate experience and after graduation.

Since career development begins in a student's first year at Whitworth, we encourage students to come to our office as early as possible in the academic year. Our staff will help students to develop and implement a plan of action to ensure that they are equipped with the self-knowledge, experience, skills and focus needed to achieve their goals. Our career-planning guidelines are a great way to begin. To make an appointment, come to Whitworth Career Services (Hixson Union Building, second floor) or call 509.777.3272.

To post a job and/or an internship with us, please click the "WhitJobs" link below. WhitJobs allows you to recruit for interns and for part-time and full-time employees at your convenience. If you have questions or feedback, please email or call 509.777.3272.


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Mon. - Fri. 8 - 4:30 p.m.

Hixson Union Building
Second Floor

Career Services Staff


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