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Leadership Opportunities

Resident Assistants (RAs)
Residence life is an opportunity for students, staff and faculty to explore what it means to be a part of a community united in Christ and called to care for each other in cooperative ways. Resident assistants aid residents in creating a sense of community within living areas through the programs they offer; they also assist students in developing a sense of responsibility for their actions and for their contributions to the community. RAs serve as role models and assist in the administration of the residence halls to which they are assigned.

Associated Students of Whitworth University (ASWU)
All undergrad students at Whitworth are an important part of the organization called the Associated Students of Whitworth University (ASWU). Elected officers, senators and hall reps, program coordinators, club officers and student media are all dedicated to serving the social, spiritual, educational and recreational needs of the student body. The student government is the voice of the student body. There are opportunities for leadership as residence-hall officers, club officers, activity and media coordinators, committee members, and executive officers. Everyone is needed!

Cultural-Diversity Advocates (CDAs)
Cultural-diversity advocates are student leaders and are a part of the residence-hall leadership. They work along with their leadership residence team to encourage the development of a community that values individual differences and respects the rights and opinions of all residents. One of their primary responsibilities is to orient and provide personalized attention to our international students as these students encounter American and Whitworth cultures. The CDAs also work alongside the International Club and support the annual International Club Banquet. Additionally, CDAs develop cultural programming in the residence halls to inform and educate and provide social activities for all residents. They are trained and supervised by the assistant dean for programming and diversity and by their resident directors.

Health Advocates
Health Advocates and on-campus EMTs are student leaders dedicated to health and wellness. They provide health education, first aid, and emergency services in the residence halls. These students are trained and supervised by the health-center director (who is available 24/7); they also work in the health center. The EMTs are certified and trained in emergency response and the HAs are Certified First Responders. They have a thorough understanding of the healthcare-delivery system both off and on campus. They are available when the health center is closed to help you with simple first-aid needs or to provide referrals for more complex care. The EMTs help the HAs with more complex situations and coordinate after-hours care and emergency response. If an ambulance is called, they will be first on the scene and will coordinate care with EMTs as the ambulance arrives on campus.

Small-Group Coordinators (SGCs)
Small-group coordinators seek to motivate and empower students to minister to one another. SGCs engage in their ministry by establishing and leading covenant groups that build a supportive community to nurture and challenge students to discover God's love and share it with others on campus and in Spokane. Additionally, SGCs develop special programs, organize prayer and fellowship groups, and gladly serve as listening and caring friends.

Small-group coordinators attend training sessions, meet regularly with the associate chaplain, and work with student leaders in each residence hall to create a community in which students experience and share the love of Christ.

A list of local churches is provided in Seeley Mudd Chapel.