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Theme Houses

Another opportunity for living on campus is the theme-house program. This program is designed to give sophomore, junior and senior students a unique living environment close to campus that focuses on an educational and/or service-oriented program of each resident's choice. Students apply in the spring for the theme that they are interested in pursuing in a communal setting with 2-5 other students for the following year. Whitworth's housing program currently includes 23 theme houses.

Click here to read about theme-house application guidelines. Click here for the theme-house map. (Campus Intranet access is required.)

2013-14 Theme Houses, Mission Statements, and Advisors


10716 Waikiki Road

The purpose of Awake Theme House is to facilitate the uniting of college-aged students in Spokane, Wash., as one body in Christ.

Advisor: Terry McGonigal


10212 N. Ivanhoe Lane

The goal of Celebrations Theme House is to create an atmosphere in which Whitworth students can come together to enjoy the big and little things in life.

Advisor: Dale Soden

Coffee House

10216 College Drive

The mission of Coffee House is to project a warm and welcoming environment for everyone who walks through the doors. "As sisters in Christ, we strive to lead lives that are pleasing to our Lord and Savior. We pray that those who visit will feel at home and will experience a sense of fellowship. We strive to provide a place where anyone can drop by, have a cup of coffee, relax in the middle of or after a long week of school, and always experience open hearts and open doors."

Advisor: Cara Bellwood

Color of Friendship

114 W. Hawthorne Road

Color of Friendship House hopes to connect with Whitworth's diverse student body "by encouraging pride in our differences while creating a space for intercultural relationships and important discussions. Through this encouragement, we hope to cultivate authentic and meaningful friendships among students of various backgrounds in a warm and welcoming environment."

Advisor: Lulu Gonzalez

Discover Spokane

617 W. Hawthorne Road

Students come to Spokane from different cities, states and countries to spend four years of their lives at Whitworth. Discover Spokane House seeks to encourage students to fall in love with Spokane and the people who live here. There are hidden treasures in this city; Discover Spokane Theme House looks to uncover them.

Advisor: Nicole Boymook


103 W. Hawthorne Road

Through an open and engaging environment full of interesting tips and simple projects, DIY House will be a helpful resource for Whitworth University students who want to become more creative, independent and economical in their daily lives.

Advisor: TBA


805 W. Hawthorne Road

"We of Fútbol House will provide an off-campus sanctuary for the teammates and members of the Whitworth soccer program as well as other diehard fútboleros. We strive to provide an exciting, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere, as well as to build a stronger community within the student body. We will celebrate the love of soccer throughout the world, as well as on our own campus."

Advisor: TBA

Health &

10214 W. Hawthorne

"Living healthfully can be carried throughout a lifetime. We in Health and Well-Being House strive to inform students of the Whitworth community how to lead a happy and healthy life. Through exercising mind and heart, this lifestyle can be achieved."

Advisor: Vange Ocasio

Health & Wellness

815 W. Hawthorne Road

Health & Wellness House will help to promote overall physical and mental health through healthy eating habits, exercise and education by proving the benefits of such a lifestyle to the Whitworth student body. "Not only will we provide advice on healthy eating habits and exercise, but we will also educate visitors about different body types in order to help them create healthy self/body awareness. Students can then educate others and create a healthier campus. We intend to educate others in a way that will glorify God."

Advisor: Martha Gady

The (Theme) House of Pancakes

10305 College Drive

House of Pancakes will strive to unite the Whitworth community by reaching across cultural boundaries and enjoying food and fellowship with others. "We are excited not only to provide unlimited pancakes for guests, but we also seek to introduce them to the many cultural variants of the common flapjack. Our inspiration for this house comes from Proverbs 22:9, which states, 'Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor.'"

Advisor: Noel Wescombe

International Festival

115 W. Hawthorne Road

The mission of International Festival Theme House is to incorporate films, cuisines, and music of different cultures to enlighten Whitworth students about the true and genuine identities of other cultures.

Advisor: TBA


615 W. Hawthorne Road

Lifeguard House seeks to foster a community of lifeguards and to build an awareness and appreciation of water safety and aquatic-skill development in the Whitworth community.

Advisor: Patty Murphy

"More Cowbell!"

10414 North College Road

"More Cowbell!" House seeks to enrich minds and hearts through community and laughter. "We will strive to be a house that brings warmth and joy to the Whitworth community. It is our goal to be a home that welcomes all and tries to lift the spirits of everyone we meet. As a theme house, we’re specifically focusing on comedy and laughter. Our events will be centered on bringing people together for high-quality social time. We want to pull people out of their comfort zones so that they can have a good time and help others to have a good time, as well."

Advisor: LeAnn Dettmann

Ohana House

10416 Whitworth Drive

Ohana House is an open, compassionate place where Whitworth students of all grade levels and walks of life can be a part of a community with like interests. Ohana House residents will serve the Whitworth community with open minds and loving hearts. "We will strive to be faithful stewards by using the talents that the Lord has given each of us in order to promote family values between Whitworth students. At the same time, we'll be having fun and connecting with others!"

Advisor: Lorrie Workman

One Tribe

10313 College Drive

"We will carry on the tradition of One Tribe House and promote a healthy space for embracing diversity and other cultures."

Advisor: Larry Burnley

Open Conversation

10429 Whitworth Drive

The goal of Open Conversations House is to provide a safe and friendly environment for students and a respectful platform for discussion and conversation surrounding controversial subjects, particularly LGBT concerns. "We also strive to provide a safe and welcoming place for students who are struggling, to allow them to get off campus for a while."

Advisor: Diana Trotter

Operation Health

10305 Wellen Lane

Operation Health House is dedicated to the health and well-being of people around the world. "Our mission is to bring awareness to those in our community about the health challenges of those in our area and across the globe. We plan to get students involved in improving the health of our international community through activities such as Operation Christmas Child."

Advisor: Mike Ediger

Sports Fan

10612 Waikiki Road

Advisor: TBA

Swimming House

10302 Lola Lane

The mission of Swimming House is to provide a God-centered and welcoming environment, geared toward swimmers, to the student body. "By facilitating team-building activities and encouraging an inclusive atmosphere,we will seek to enrich the common goals set forth by Whitworth University and its members, so that we may provide a healthy environment for Whitworth swimmers."

Advisor: Steve Schadt


10306 Lola Lane

S’Women House serves as a community environment for the Whitworth women’s swim team. "We seek to create lasting friendships and bonds among teammates through team-building activities while focusing on creating a safe, faith-based environment. We strive to bring the women’s swim team together as a family, and to extend its values into the Whitworth and Spokane communities."

Advisor: Steve Schadt

The Tea Room

106 W. Hawthorne Road

Historically, tea rooms and coffee have been places of intellectual conversation in the midst of a welcoming community. "At Tea Room House, we'll provide a comfortable space for Whitworth students to celebrate British culture and to build relationships over a nice cup of hot tea.

Advisor: Casey Andrews

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