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What's Provided by Whitworth

The following information details the items that are already in your room and informs you of the services that are provided to each on-campus student. Additionally, please read What to Bring, which details items necessary for college life, and What Not to Bring for information about what is not allowed in your room.

Items already in your room:

  • Extra-long bed frame and mattress in all residence halls with the exception of some rooms in Baldwin Jenkins and some in The Village
  • Dresser, desk, and chair
  • Closet or wardrobe
  • Mirror (except in Ballard and very few rooms in Warren)
  • Overhead light fixture
  • Drapes or blinds
  • Internet services (See below.)
  • Laundry facilities (See below.)

Computer Services

  • One Internet port for every resident (port-per-pillow)
  • Wi-Fi throughout the residence hall
  • Free Internet access

Laundry Facilities

  • Each residence hall has its own laundry facility with a debit-card system. (Buildings with
    fewer than 20 residents have standard coin-operated machines.) Laundry cards may be purchased in the HUB next to the ATM, in Warren's main lounge, and in Oliver Hall's main lounge.
  • Each washer is $.75 per load and each dryer is $.75 per load.