OT2 Period Play-by-Play

  Willamette vs. Whitworth
  Date: 11/02/13  • Site: Spokane, Wash.

OT2 Period Play-by-Play
 Start of OT2 period [100:00].
[100:00]  WU-M substitution: O'Neil, Will for Yates, Tyler.
[100:00]  WHTW-M substitution: Muelheims, Karl for Engle, Sam.
[101:12]  Shot by WHTW-M Berriman, Rylan HIGH.
 Foul on Willamette.
 Foul on Whitworth.
[104:48]  Shot by WHTW-M Ubben, Robby HIGH.
[105:04]  WHTW-M substitution: Wren, Will for Muelheims, Karl.
 Foul on Whitworth.
[108:49]  Shot by WHTW-M French, Andrew, SAVE Calder, Braydon.
 Corner kick by WHTW-M Berriman, Rylan [108:59].
[109:58]  Shot by WHTW-M Ubben, Robby, SAVE Calder, Braydon.
 End of period [110:00].