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Act Six Informational Primetime

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012
8:00 p.m.
The Prime Time will serve as a way to educate students as well as connect them with scholars who are making a difference all over campus. We are planning to hold it in BJ to target the lowerclassmen. We chose this audience particularly because of the idea that they will be here longer and will be able to add to the Act Six legacy. A lot of upperclassmen have an idea of what Act Six is due to their interactions with scholars. However, there is still a cluster of people who have no understanding of what the Act Six movement means for not only scholars but the entire Whitworth community. One point we would like to make is that this Prime Time is not a very formal event. There will be an opportunity for current scholars to share their experiences as Act Six scholars. The main goal is to create an open setting so students may ask questions and engage in dialogue.
BJ Main Lounge
Marisol Rosado
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