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I'm Young & Taking A Stand-VOTE 2012

Monday, Nov. 5, 2012
7:00 p.m.
"Young and Taking a Stand" is event is designed to highlight the work the Whitworth community is doing, on campus, and in Spokane. Our campus is filled with passionate people, and remarkable things happen when this passion is unleashed. We want to allow students and faculty to share their stories, with the intent of giving insight to processes by which each of these individuals has made a change in the world around them.Our generation has been confronted with large questions of sexuality, gender, and equality. The result of the ambiguity that arises, this for many has caused complacency. With this event we want to address this directly, encouraging people to make conscious decisions and stand behind them. There are countless opportunities to engage these issues in a tangible way, and we want to encourage the transition from caring to acting.
With the upcoming election, and many of these issues present on the ballot we specifically want to encourage students to vote.

Robinson Teaching Theater
Macy Olivas
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ASWU (Students For Education Reform)
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