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Mission Statement

The Weyerhaeuser Center for Christian Faith & Learning is dedicated to being a catalyst for changing the lives of faculty, students, clergy, and laity by assisting them in better understanding how Christian faith and learning are integrated.

Vision Statement

The Weyerhaeuser Center aspires to be nationally recognized for innovative programs designed to promote Christian scholarship, effective faith-learning integration in and out of the classroom, greater spiritual depth in students, renewal of clergy and education for laity, and a better understanding of the dynamic between religion and culture in the Pacific Northwest.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Promote scholarship by Whitworth faculty, informed by Christian assumptions and insights, on ethical and cultural issues
  • Foster deeper appreciation of the college's Reformed and evangelical traditions and the relationship of those traditions to teaching and learning
  • Develop programs that are focused on ethical decision making and vocational development for senior students at Whitworth
  • Stimulate discussion among clergy regarding the future of the church in the Pacific Northwest
  • Provide vocational development and renewal programs for clergy and laity
  • Build an archive of primary source materials related to the Protestant experience in the Pacific Northwest
  • Encourage scholarship on the relationship between religion and culture in the Pacific Northwest

The center will bring under one umbrella four institutes:

The Institute for Christian Faculty Development:

  • Designed to encourage Christian scholars to examine how faith can contribute to the understanding of knowledge and truth, and will guide faculty by helping them to integrate more fully issues of faith into their curriculum and teaching

The Institute for Student Christian Leadership:

  • Designed to prepare students for a lifetime of Christian citizenship by nurturing the development of faith and a Christian worldview as it relates to the issues of life

The Institute for Clergy and Lay Leadership Development:

  • Designed to provide resources and programs for the renewal of clergy and lay leaders in the essentials of Christian faith, equipping them to serve Christ in the church and in the world

The Institute for Protestant Studies in the Pacific Northwest:

  • Designed to facilitate the study of religion in the Pacific Northwest and to explore the ways in which the church in this region has influenced and been influenced by the larger cultural context of the Pacific Northwest

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