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"Vocations Of the Christian Professor" Workshop

This program will consist of a three-week, on-campus workshop, summer readings and a pedagogy project, and a fall follow-up. This summerís program will focus on the topic of integration of faith and learning, and will provide practical instruction on how faculty can make that happen in their classrooms.

Weyerhaeuser Center for Christian Faith and Learning Research Fellowships

The Weyerhaeuser Center’s goals include enabling Whitworth faculty to produce high-quality Christian scholarship and facilitating interaction with other scholars throughout the world. To that end, these three summer research fellowships are offered to nourish scholarship, informed by a Christian faith perspective that has the potential to make a significant impact on academic discussions. This scholarship should relate to topics such as ethics, public policy, service-learning, character formation, or the influence of presuppositional beliefs in a specific discipline.

Each of the fellowships is designated for projects dealing with research informed by a Christian faith perspective, theoretical discussions of Christianity, and higher education or the practical pedagogy of faith-learning integration in the classroom. These projects should propose dissemination in a…

(a) secular disciplinary journal (for example, American Historical Review, American Psychologist, Journal of Social Issues);
(b) Christian academic journal of faith and learning (e.g., Journal of Psychology and Theology, Christian Scholar’s Review, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith);
(c) secular or Christian popular magazine aimed at educated laypersons (e.g., Christianity Today, Books and Culture, First Things, The New Republic, Atlantic Monthly); or
(d) secular or Christian publishing house.

Applicants from the performing or creative arts are encouraged to submit projects proposing dissemination through a juried performance or exhibition. Scholarship related to aesthetics from a Christian perspective, to be submitted to a secular or Christian journal, is also encouraged.

Applicants must be prepared to devote six weeks to full-time research during the summer of 2015 (that is, no teaching or administrative responsibilities during the period of the research fellowship). These fellowships require submission of a manuscript to a journal or publisher, or submission of a performing or creative arts project for a juried performance or exhibition, during academic year  2015-16, and prior to July 1, 2016. Applicants must also be prepared to present the results of their research in Faculty Scholarship Forum during AY 2015-16.

Contact: Any additional questions should be directed to Dale Soden, Ph.D., Whitworth University Department of History (dsoden@whitworth.edu; 509.777.4433).

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