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Biography: M. Craig Barnes

M. Craig Barnes
Craig Barnes was raised on Long Island, New York. After graduating from The King’s College and Princeton Seminary, he received a Ph.D. in the History of Christianity from The University of Chicago.

He has served as a pastor to three congregations, including that of The National Presbyterian Church, in Washington, D.C. In fall 2002, he became the Meneilly Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Pittsburgh Seminary; he served concurrently as the senior pastor of Pittsburgh's Shadyside Presbyterian Church.

In 2012, Barnes was elected president of Princeton Theological Seminary.

Barnes' publications include Searching For Home, The Pastor as Minor Poet, and Body and Soul. He also serves as an editor-at-large and a frequent contributor to The Christian Century.

He is married to Dawne Hess Barnes, an interior decorator. The Barneses have three delightful children and a hairy dog named Esau.