Hanh Nguyen

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Anticipated graduation year: 2014

Major: Chemistry

Birthplace: Vietnam

Hometowns: Vietnam and Spokane, Wash.

Whitworth activities/clubs: Resident assistant in Baldwin-Jenkins Hall

Research/special academic programs: Student researcher with Dr. Wheeler's chemistry research group and Dr. Jones' bioinformatics research group.

Whitworth off-campus study programs: In 2014, I will travel to Southeast Asia for the Technology and Culture Jan Term trip.

Favorite movie: The Help

Favorite food: Rice :D

Favorite quote: "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…It's about learning to dance in the rain!" - Vivian Greene

You'd be surprised to know that… I like to spend time by myself at least a couple times a week.

If I could try anything and not fail: I would go live in any country in Southeast Asia and open a housing and dance center to provide a home, education and the Gospel to children who are abandoned by their parents.

If I could go on a road trip with anyone (from the past or present): For this question, a lot of people will name some famous people. The first person who came to my mind was my grandma. Yes! I will go on a road trip across the U.S. with my grandma. Her story inspires and teaches me to live at my highest and best. I know I will always have a good road-trip conversation with her.

What do you like best about Whitworth? I really enjoy spending my time at the Intercultural Student Center. The faculty and staff there support me in many different ways. Whenever I have something going on, I know I can always go there to talk to them or to get help from them. They have great listening ears and they are always willing to listen and empower students' voices.

What I would like to do after I graduate: I would like to go to graduate school to pursue a doctorate degree in chemistry.

The most important life lesson I've learned in my time at Whitworth: It is OK to make mistakes. I have learned that making mistakes is a part of thelearning process. Instead of feeling sad or discouraged by the mistakes I make, I have learned to take those mistakes as learning experiences, ask myself questions about what I learned and where I could go next, and continually move forward in my life. Of course, making mistakes is not something that is encouraged to happen; however, it is a part of human nature. I have learned to accept my mistakes, to take responsibility and to see them as a way to explore myself and my journey.


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