Why Whitworth

A commitment to love across our differences

Being a welcoming and diverse community is an essential part of Whitworth's mission. As a Christian institution, we seek to cultivate in students, faculty and staff the capacity to relate across racial, ethnic, gender, socio-economic, religious and other expressions of human difference. When we engage with each other effectively and constructively, we begin to more clearly see varying dimensions of humanity and to better understand multiple points of view.

Our cultural-diversity advocates -- students who are a part of residence-hall leadership teams -- promote a community that values individual differences and respects the rights and opinions of all residents. They orient and provide personalized attention to our international students and develop informative, educational and fun cultural activities for all residents.

Whitworth was the first university in the Northwest to join the innovative Act Six Leadership & Scholarship program, which enrolls a multicultural cadre of up to 10 mostly first-generation, lower-income urban students at Whitworth each year. Whitworth's International Student Center provides a central place for faculty, staff and students, particularly those from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, to gather and discuss issues on campus.

Our general education requirements include foreign language, American diversity and global perspectives content. And our School of Education engages all of its teachers-in-training in intercultural immersion experiences that prepare them to teach students from diverse backgrounds.