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Shaping Youth, Sustaining Life: The Civilian Conservation Corps in the Northwest

CD Cover "Shaping Youth, Sustaining Life"During the depth of the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps provided over 3 million young men the opportunity to combat poverty, hunger and economic adversity.

These young men volunteered for conservation work in forests, parks, agricultural fields and wilderness areas across the United States. More than building muscle and skill, however, the Civilian Conservation Corps shaped the morals and character of every young man who served in its ranks.

Shaping Youth, Sustaining Life is the story of men who either worked in CCC camps in the Pacific Northwest, or who worked in camps across the nation and now call the Pacific Northwest their home.

Audio Tracks

Track 1: Introduction (2:28)
Track 2: Depression Life (7:18)
Track 3: A New Deal for Youth (3:23)
Track 4: Work Projects (2:04)
Track 5: Camp Life (2:31)
Track 6: First Impressions (2:35)
Track 7: Experiencing Diversity (3:54)
Track 8: Mingling with Townspeople (3:13)
Track 9: Evenings in Camp (2:46)
Track 10: Conclusion (4:09)

The audio files on this page are available in Windows Media Format. You can download a free copy of the Microsoft® Windows Media Player from the Microsoft website.

Additional Materials

Resources for Educators


Special thanks to all those who were interviewed for this project, particularly Lilac Chapter #41 of the NACCCA, Spokane, Wash., and to Frank Dorman, Project Advisor.

Shaping Youth, Sustaining Life was created at Whitworth, Spokane, Wash., and completed in 2004.

Project Director, Oral Historian, Writer, Editor: Rose Sliger
Humanities Advisor: Dale Soden
Project Advisor: Frank Dorman
Narrator: Tom Westbrook
Audio Editing & Post Production: Larry Ellingson
Cover Design and Layout: Eli West
Research Assistant: Kyna Herzinger

This project was made possible in part by a grant from Humanities Washington, a state-wide non-profit organization supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities and local contributors.

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