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Current Projects

  • From Coast and Camp to the Inland Empire
    From Coast and Camp to the Inland Empire tells the story of Japanese Americans living in Western Washington who were affected by evacuation, internment and relocation during World War II, yet were incarcerated only briefly, if at all. Its purpose is to educate the community about historical violations of civil rights in order to ensure that similar violations may be prevented in the future.

  • George Whitworth: 150 Years in the Pacific Northwest
    George Whitworth was called "The Father of Presbyterianism in Washington", and in April 1853 he and his family set out from Indiana, with the intention of founding a "Presbyterian colony in Oregon." October 2003 marked the 150th anniversary of Rev. George F. Whitworth's arrival in the Pacific Northwest.

  • In Time of War: Stories of the Japanese American Experience in World War II
    In Time of War, a film documentary, explores the personal stories of Japanese Americans who were affected by evacuation, internment and relocation in the Pacific Northwest during World War II. Several resources are also available for school teachers.

  • Shaping Youth, Sustaining Life: The Civilian Conservation Corps in the Northwest
    Shaping Youth, Sustaining Life, is the story of men who either worked in CCC camps in the Pacific Northwest, or who worked in camps across the nation and now call the Pacific Northwest their home.