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July 11, 2000

Governor Names Whitworth Dean to Panel on Teacher Standards

Gov. Gary Locke on Tuesday named Dennis Sterner, dean of Whitworth's School of Education, to the Washington State Professional Education Standards Board. Locke made the announcement at his former elementary school in Seattle.

Created in the most recent session of the Washington State Legislature, the Professional Education Standards Board is the primary advisory body to the State Board of Education and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The 19-member board also is charged with establishing a statewide system for assessing teacher skills and knowledge.

"We are one of a handful of states nationwide that do not require teacher testing, but the legislature has mandated that we will," says Sterner, who has been heavily involved in teacher preparation policy for more than a decade. "It's important that we carefully consider the testing process to ensure it accurately assesses the knowledge and skills we want teachers to have."

Sterner is the board's sole representative of the 16 private higher education institutions with teacher preparation programs in the state. He is president of the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education. He also has served as president of the Washington Association of Colleges of Teacher Education and as chair of the Washington State Professional Education Advisory Committee, which is being replaced by the new board.


Dennis Sterner, dean of Whitworth's School of Education, (509) 777-4411 or dsterner@whitworth.edu.

Greg Orwig, director of communications, (509) 777-4580 or gorwig@whitworth.edu.

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