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September 12, 2002

Primate Communication Expert Roger Fouts to Lecture at Whitworth

WHAT: Roger Fouts, Ph.D., founder and director of the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute at Central Washington University, will present a lecture, "Chimpanzee Gestural Language: Implications for Darwinian Realities and Cartesian Delusions," at Whitworth College.

In his 1997 book (co-written with Stephen Turkel Mills with an introduction by Jane Goodall), Next of Kin: My Conversations with Chimpanzees, Fouts describes how his work with former NASA "space chimpanzee" Washoe led him to champion the cause of captive chimps and re-evaluate the way humans interact with all species.

Next of Kin was named one of the best books of 1997 by Publisher's Weekly and the Los Angeles Times.

Fouts' lecture is hosted by Whitworth's Weyerhaeuser Center for Christian Faith and Learning.

WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 19, at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Music Building Recital Hall at Whitworth College. The lecture is free and open to the public. For more information, please call (509) 777-3707.


James Waller, psychology professor, Whitworth College, (509) 777-4424 or jwaller@whitworth.edu.

Julie Riddle, public information specialist, Whitworth College, (509) 777-3729 or jriddle@whitworth.edu.

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