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September 10, 2004

Whitworth Historic Sites to Be Recorded in National
Architectural and Landscape Design Database

Thanks to funding from the Getty, Whitworth College is participating in a national survey of historic independent campus architecture and design. The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Survey of Historic Architecture and Design involves more than 360 campuses and 1,900 places of historical significance, and will establish the first national architecture and landscape database of independent college campuses, including 3,600 images of historical significance to the institutions themselves.

The historic architecture initiative was mentioned prominently in "Regilding a Stanford White Landmark," a localized story in The New York Times on Friday, July 30, 2004.

Deborah Morrow, director of the Getty Grant Program and dean for external relations of the J. Paul Getty Trust, says, "Since a large portion of this nation's most distinguished architectural heritage is found on college and university campuses, it is extremely important to incorporate historic preservation into the campus master-planning process."

The historic sites submitted by Whitworth are Ballard Hall, built in 1915 and rebuilt in 1927 after fire destroyed the building; McMillan Hall, built in 1914; Harriet Cheney Cowles Memorial Library, built in 1948; Cowles Memorial Auditorium, built in 1956; and Hawthorne House (the president's residence), built in 1924.

CIC Senior Advisor Barbara S. Christen, an architectural historian, directs the survey. "We continue to be surprised by the depth and breadth of places that are deemed to be significant by independent colleges and universities," Christen says. "Our database started to be developed two years ago and will eventually be turned into a web-based image archive tool and gallery, the first of its kind in higher education. The website will make the data widely available and provide an interpretive framework for it."


Janet Hauck, Whitworth archivist, (509) 777-4751 or jhauck@whitworth.edu.

Dale Soden, director of the Weyerhaeuser Center for Christian Faith and Learning, (509) 777-4433 or dsoden@whitworth.edu.

Barbara S. Christen, CIC senior advisor and project director, bchristen@cic.nche.edu or (202) 466-7230.

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