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August 3, 2007

Whitworth Mourns Death of Gerri Lindaman, Spouse of Former President Ed Lindaman

Whitworth's dear friend Geraldine "Gerri" Lindaman passed away July 30th. Lindaman, who was raised in Dubuque, Iowa, was an active member of the Whitworth Auxiliary until her death, and had served as its past president. A memorial service will be held Wednesday, Aug. 8, at 2 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church, located at 318 S. Cedar St. in Spokane.

"Gerri Lindaman loved Whitworth and Whitworth loved her," says Whitworth President Bill Robinson. "She contributed richly to this institution in many ways, and spoke often of her joy in being a part of the Whitworth community."

Lindaman's spouse was Ed Lindaman – author, lecturer, futurist, and former president of Whitworth College (now Whitworth University). Lindaman, who served as president of Whitworth from 1970-1980, had previously been with the North American Rockwell Corporation, where he was director of programming for the Apollo space project. He brought about many innovative changes to the Whitworth campus, including the establishment of the Whitworth Institute of Ministry, the Student Life Program, the Center for Economic Education, and the establishment of the Whitworth Foundation. Ed Lindaman died in 1982 at the age of 62.

Gerri and Ed Lindaman raised four children, all of whom live in Spokane. Two of their children are Whitworth alumni: Merrilee Lindaman earned a bachelor's degree in 1990, and Brian Lindaman earned a bachelor's degree in 2004 and a Master in Teaching degree in 2005.


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