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Music Lessons

Whitworth offers private music lessons in woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings, voice, piano, organ, composition and jazz. Registration is open to all students and takes place during orientation.

Important facts about private lessons:

You receive one credit for a weekly 30-minute lesson that will be scheduled around your other courses. Most first-year students take one credit -- though, occasionally (especially for piano), two credits are more appropriate. It is possible to take lessons in more than one area (for example, jazz students usually take both a classical and a jazz lesson).

The lesson fee is $275 per semester (1 credit) or $550 per semester (2 credits).

Students taking private lessons participate in labs (though not necessarily every week) at the following times:

Voice Lab
String Lab
Winds/Brass/Percussion Lab
Piano Lab

We also offer class instruction in voice (MU 142), guitar (MU 140), and piano (MU 139 for non-majors). These are small-group lessons that meet once a week for an hour as listed in the course schedule. The fee is $75 per semester. This is an excellent option for beginning students who are not music majors. You may register for these classes in the summer with your registration advisor.