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Information for Faculty & Staff

  • Mail etiquette

    • Never use staples in your mail to students. They can ruin the mail equipment and can cause injury.

    • Always include a return address (your department name), especially on campus mail.

    • Please write legibly, and always use full names.

    • Proper packaging is important. We make 43 stops on campus and handle a large volume of mail. Improperly packaged items may be lost or damaged.

    • Faculty and department assistants and coordinators: Please use students' mailbox numbers when returning papers. Mailbox information is available through the campus directory and is updated regularly. Not every student has a mailbox; if you plan to return papers through campus mail, you may want to circulate a list at the beginning of each semester and have your students write down their campus box numbers or their off-campus addresses.

    • Please call facilities services if you have a number of packages or a large amount of off-campus mail.

      • If you have a tub or letter tray of mail, your on-campus mail carrier will be unable to pick it up. Please call facilities services to have your mail picked up, or have someone from your department take it to the Hawthorne Hall mail center.

  • Forwarding mail after graduation/departure from Whitworth:

    • Some recently graduated alumni and other departing students who move cross-country have their mail forwarded to Whitworth until they establish permanent residences. Though this remains possible, Whitworth cannot submit address changes through the USPS system for alumni/departing students. This means that an alum's major department ends up being responsible for forwarding that graduate's mail.

    • The most efficient way to ensure that your graduates/departing students receive their mail is to have them place a USPS hold on it until they have established a permanent address. Please encourage your departing students to see for more information.
  • Department Mail Responsibilities

    • Faculty and Staff Information

      • If you're a new Whitworth adjunct instructor, please contact the HUB post office for mailing information.

      • We send mail to departments only if we can verify the addressee's location. Please e-mail us ( ASAP with the names of all new hires in your department.

      • If someone in your department is retiring or leaving Whitworth, please let us know.

        •  It will be the department's responsibility to determine the nature (personal or department-related) of mail addressed to the former employee and to decide how to deal with such mail. (If the mail is of a personal nature, please see forwarding instructions below.)

        • It is also the department's responsibility to contact the sender and update his or her contact information.

    • Forwarding Mail

      • If mail addressed to a person no longer employed at Whitworth is determined to be of a personal nature, it is the department's responsibility to forward that mail. The new address must be affixed, and all barcodes, front and back, as well as the ZIP Code must be covered with a wax pen before the mail is placed in the department's outgoing off-campus mail slot for pickup.

    • Mail preparation for campus delivery

      • All mail should be in one of two outgoing slots.

        • 1) Off-campus
          • Please include off-campus mail needing postage and off-campus mail with postage, rubber-banded separately.
            • If you need rubber bands, we can provide them.

        • 2) On-campus

          • For faculty and staff, please use addressee's full name, building and department.

          • Please use a student's full name and box number, which can be found in the online campus directory. Mail being sent to a student should be sent to his or her student mailbox and must include a return department address.

    • Incoming package information

      • Tracking a package

        • We scan and record all incoming packages by the receiver's information. We do not record the sender's address.

        • Please have the tracking number available when you are attempting to track a package.

          • Other helpful information:
            • Date

            • Addressee's name

            • Shipping company's name

              • Please contact us about tracking a package as soon as you determine that it is missing

      • Incoming packages

        • USPS, UPS, FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, Office Max, and other companies deliver to the HUB post office. Other than freight shipments to facilities services, the art building and the library, companies will not deliver to department offices.
          • Shipped packages arrive throughout the day, depending on the shipping company.

      • Package delivery  

        • Packages that come in before 10:30 a.m. are sent with Whitworth Facilities Services to be delivered to your department.

        • Packages that come in after 10:30 a.m. are documented and stored in our department until the next morning's delivery.

        • For express packages or small envelopes coming in after 10:30 a.m.:

          • We will call your department to let you know if a package is available for pickup.

          • If the shipment is a small envelope, we will send it to your department via the afternoon mail run.

  • Ordering Stamps

    • An order form is available through SharePoint. Please complete the form at least one week before you will need the stamps.
  • Campus mail delivery times and other information

    • Mail Schedule

      • During the academic year:

        • There are two mail runs: 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

        • The mail run begins and ends in McEachran.

          • All mail is collected and sorted between mail runs.

      • All off-campus mail is collected and sent to the Hawthorne Hall mail center for same-day processing.
      • Summer/Holiday

        • There is one mail run only, which begins at 10 a.m.

        • The mail run begins and ends in McEachran.

          • All off-campus mail is collected from McEachran and delivered to the Hawthorne Hall mail center for processing the same day.


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