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Personal Page: Scott Kolbo- M.F.A.

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Scott Kolbo received a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2000, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking from Boise State University in 1996. Scott teaches a variety of classes for the art department including printmaking, design, and computer graphics. His research interests revolve around the study of culture, aesthetics, literature, film, and the integration of religious faith and contemporary art. In his own art work he is interested in the incorporation of new technologies into traditional art making strategies and mixing together elements from high and low culture. Scott exhibits his work locally, nationally, and in web-based formats.

Artist's Statement:
I believe that despite our best efforts to look important, rational, and dignified, we all make fools of ourselves in the end. Human nature is corrupted by folly, and even our best intentions are subverted by our mixed motivations. My work is an investigation into the ways that this phenomenon manifests itself in individual lives and in society as a whole. I create a world where reality mixes with exaggeration, absurdity, and the grotesque in an attempt to expose and deflate the distortions that pass for truths in our media-soaked and self-absorbed culture. My ultimate goal is to lead the viewer to recognize the fundamental foolishness of human nature and to make visible the discrepancies that exist between what we pretend to be and what we really are.