Bachelor of Liberal Studies in
Criminal Justice Administration


  • Schedule is designed for working professionals.
  • Six-week courses help you complete your degree faster.
  • Hybrid online classes usually meet three times during each six-week course; the rest is online.
  • All courses for this major are offered in the U-District, though most courses are available at our main campus in North Spokane as well.

Degree Snapshot

Hybrid online courses
North Spokane*, U-District *only for general education requirements and electives
Application Deadline
4 weeks prior to start date (view course schedule)
Cost per Credit
$540 for the 2017-18 academic year
Books and related course materials are provided free of charge.
Financial aid is available.
Average Completion Time
Transferring with A.A. degree: 2-3 yrs
New students with no transfer credits: 4-5 yrs
  • Program Details

    Do you work in a field related to law enforcement, criminal justice, or corrections? Do you have an A.A.S. in any of these fields? Whitworth's Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Criminal Justice Administration Program is designed to combine your knowledge of law enforcement with managerial expertise that can help improve your career-advancement and professional opportunities. You'll leave Whitworth with a better understanding of your role in public service and society, prepared to manage departments and agency functions effectively and efficiently in a criminal justice setting.

    Interested, but don't have the experience in law enforcement?

    Whitworth developed the Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Public Service Administration Program to provide an alternative for those who are interested in law enforcement but do not meet the requirements to enter the criminal justice administration program. Please see the program details for more information.

    • Hybrid online classes usually meet three times during each six-week course, with instructor and student engagement online between class sessions.
    • Your books are provided free of charge and are delivered to you the first night of class.
    • All courses in this major are offered downtown at our U-District location, with most offered at our North Spokane campus as well.
    • Prior-learning assessment portfolio is available.
    Courses Taught by Professionals

    The instructors in the criminal justice administration program are selected specifically for their experience and knowledge of current law enforcement practice. They bring expertise from their work in public service in areas such as state and local law enforcement, a prosecuting attorney's office, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. With a curriculum designed to move your leadership and professional expertise to the next level, these instructors are prepared to facilitate learning, drawing on the skills and practical experience of the professionals in each class.

    For Those with an A.A.S. Degree

    If you already hold an A.A.S. degree* in law enforcement, criminal justice or corrections, you can transfer to Whitworth as a junior, receiving 60 semester credits toward your bachelor's degree. Once at Whitworth, you will begin taking general education requirements and upper-division coursework to complete your bachelor of liberal studies degree. With the transfer of two years of college work, completing your bachelor's degree takes only 2-3 years, attending part time.

    More information regarding Whitworth's "upside-down" degree program.

    *Additional A.A.S. degrees may qualify; check with a Whitworth academic advisor.

    For Those without an A.A.S. Degree

    If you haven't earned an A.A.S. degree, but you have completed police academy and/or have extensive experience working in related fields within the law enforcement community, please discuss your options with an advisor. Previously earned college and/or university credits will be assessed for transfer, and shortage of credits may be obtained via Whitworth's evening degree program or through submission of a professional portfolio (see below). For more information, please see How Credits Transfer.

    Earn Credits for Prior Experience

    While Whitworth's degree in criminal justice administration is designed to complement and build on community college curriculum, it is also possible for those in law enforcement, corrections and related fields to earn credit for college-level learning outside the traditional college classroom, e.g. at the police academy. You may earn up to 32 semester credit of portfolio credit to apply toward your evening degree program at Whitworth.

  • Degree Requirements

    Courses for the major may be completed in just 18 months. Time to degree completion varies, depending on course load and transfer credits. Please speak with one of our academic advisors and receive a complimentary transcript evaluation.

    Learning Objectives

    The BLS-criminal justice administration major builds on the learning outcomes students have achieved through completion of an A.A.S. degree and/or professional experience. In addition to these outcomes, the criminal justice administration major prepares students to…

    • understand and critically assess the historical and theoretical basis of criminal justice in the context of current practice;
    • demonstrate self-knowledge in the context of the criminal justice profession;
    • apply general theories and practice of administration and management;
    • understand ethical and legal issues specific to law enforcement, corrections, and security roles and come to know the ways in which a Christian foundation in ethics and values may influence critical decisions in criminal justice and your role in serving society;
    • understand and articulate the role of public service in society.
    Criminal Justice Administration Major
    36 credits
    BU 352 Human Behavior in Organizations 3 credits
    EC 345 Economics of Social Issues 3 credits
    PH 321W Ethics-Social/Behavioral Studies 3 credits
    PO 320 American Political Process 3 credits
    PO 371 Introduction to Public Administration 3 credits
    SO 220 Race and Ethnicity 3 credits
    SO 283 Deviance, Crime and Criminal Justice 3 credits
    SO 370 Delinquency and Juvenile Justice 3 credits
    SP 351 Group Dynamics 3 credits
    Approved credits in related areas 9 credits

    General Education Requirements & Electives

    All adult education programs from Whitworth must include general education and elective coursework to complete degree requirements. Some of the requirements may be met by courses offered in the major. Check with an advisor for details.

    Minimum Credits Needed to Graduate 126 credits

    Total credits needed at Whitworth will vary depending on credits transferred from other institutions and/or earned on college-level examinations. Criminal justice administration students may also prepare a learning portfolio to qualify for additional credits.

  • What type of Job Can I get?

    Earning your degree in criminal justice administration can open the doors to a variety of administrative roles within the criminal justice or corrections arena. You may be qualified for administrative positions or managerial opportunities in the following:

    What Type of Job Can I Get?
    correctionslaw enforcement
    crisis interventionpublic relations
    human resourcesfederal agencies
    border protection 
  • Where our students work

    Where our students work
    City of SpokaneSpokane Police Department
    Pioneer Human ServicesPost Falls Police Department
    Spokane County JailDepartment of Corrections


Whitworth's mission is to provide its diverse student body an education of mind and heart, equipping its graduates to honor God, follow Christ, and serve humanity.

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