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A.A.S. Degrees Eligible for Transfer

Whether you're just starting to earn college credits, about to finish community college, or haven't attended a college or university for years, our advisors are eager to speak with you. They can help you decide which courses will help you achieve your personal and professional goals, and they will make sure that your transition to Whitworth is as smooth as possible. Call 509.777.3222 to set up an appointment with an advisor and to receive a complimentary transcript evaluation.

Transfer of undergraduate and graduate credits

Whitworth will accept applicable undergraduate and graduate work transferred from regionally accredited institutions. For institutions without regional accreditation, transfer of credit will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Currently enrolled in community college?

It's never too early to start thinking about your future. Whitworth's advisors are eager to help get you on track now to ensure a smooth transition to Whitworth once you've finished community college. You'll receive a free transcript evaluation to determine which courses best fit your personal and career goals, and you and your advisor will pinpoint which courses are transferrable to Whitworth's adult degree programs so that you can begin planning ahead now.

  • Transfer of an A.A.S. degree

    If you've already earned your associate of applied science degree (A.A.S.) from a regionally accredited Washington state community college, you may transfer into Whitworth's "upside-down" program. This means that you have completed your major area of study (in gerontology, for example) at the community college, and that you can now complete general-education and upper-division requirements necessary for a four-year bachelor's degree without you having to start all over again. Students transferring to Whitworth via transfer of an A.A.S. degree will receive junior standing and may transfer in to one of the following adult degree programs with 60-64 semester credits:

    A.A.S. degrees eligible for transfer.

    Admission Requirements for A.A.S. Degree Transfer

    In addition to the School of Continuing Studies admission requirements, applicants for the A.A.S. transfer degree program must meet the following criteria:

    • Completion of an approved A.A.S. degree within the last 10 years from a community college in Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Oregon, or Montana. If the A.A.S. degree is older than 10 years, the transcript will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis and/or evaluated based on the applicant's current use of the degree in his/her profession.
  • Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA)

    A student transferring to Whitworth with an associate of arts (A.A.), or an associate of science (A.S.) degree from an approved community college will receive the following:

    • junior standing (60 semester credits);
    • transfer credit of a maximum of 96 quarter credits or 64 semester credits; and
    • waiver of all general-education requirements with the following exceptions: Core 300: Reason and Knowing, Biblical Literature, and Modern Language.

    Click here for a list of direct-transfer agreements between Whitworth University and other colleges and universities throughout the state of Washington.

  • Earn Credit for What You Know

    The knowledge you've gained from personal interests, college-level training, and other experiences may give you an opportunity to earn college credits for a fraction of the cost of tuition. Whitworth is a test center for both CLEP (College Level Examination Program) and DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests), which provide an avenue for you to complete your degree sooner and avoid repeating material you've already learned. For around $100 per exam, CLEP and DSST allow you to earn college credits by passing individual subject exams. To find a complete list of subject exams offered, visit one of these sites:

    For more information or to schedule a CLEP or DSST exam at Whitworth, please call us at 509.777.3222.

General Education Requirements & Electives

Some general education and elective requirements may be met by courses offered in your major, via transfer or portfolio credits, or through credits earned in college-level testing. Please speak with an academic advisor to request a complimentary transcript evaluation.

  • Requirements & Electives

    For all majors, students are required to meet Whitworth University graduation requirements:

    • General-education requirements;
    • 36 semester credits of upper-division (300-400) coursework;
    • a 2.0 average in all Whitworth courses and in all courses in the declared major; and
    • a total of 126 semester credits. Please see the course catalog for more details.

    Some programs may require prerequisites for particular courses; please check with the advisor.

    General Education Requirements
    40 credits
    Biblical Literature 3 credits
    Oral Communication 3 credits
    Written Communication 3 credits
    Fine Arts 3 credits
    Social Sciences 3 credits
    Humanities 3 credits
    Worldview Studies 4 credits
    Fitness & Wellness 3 credits
    World Languages 3 credits
    American Diversity Studies 3 credits
    Global Perspectives 3 credits
    Math or Statistics 3 credits
    Natural Sciences 3 credits

    *For evening-degree program students, the language requirement may be met in the following ways: a three-credit conversational-language course specifically designed for students in Whitworth's adult education programs, or a full year (eight semester credits or 15 quarter credits) of a modern language at Whitworth or another university.

    Elective Requirements

    Elective credits that are not included as part of your academic major or general education requirements are offered as an option to help you reach the 126 credits required to complete your bachelor's degree at Whitworth. You will have the opportunity to choose elective courses that fit your professional and personal goals, with guidance and approval from an academic advisor.

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