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Vehicle Registration and Parking

Registration of Personal Vehicles for On-Campus Parking

All faculty, staff and students must display a Whitworth parking permit on their personal vehicle (including motorcycles) at all times while on campus.

  • Vehicle Registration Form (Whitworth login required)
    • Traditional undergraduates' decals will be available for pickup at the Info Desk within one week of registration.
    • Evening and graduate students' decals will be sent to the appropriate department office.
    • Employees' decals will be sent to their department offices.
  • Parking Areas Map (PDF)

Please read the Vehicle Operations Policy for campus parking policies and costs.

Please keep your vehicle registration current with the student life office by reporting a new vehicle or other change including license plate or color. You can view your current vehicle registrations online anytime. Email parking@whitworth.edu, call 509.777.3271 or visit us in the office with changes or corrections.

Registration of Visitors' Vehicles

Campus visitors must display a temporary parking pass while on campus so that their vehicles will not be mistakenly identified as unauthorized and/or abandoned. Visitor parking permits can be obtained from the student life office or the HUB Info Desk. Other campus departments may also have permits on hand to issue regular visitors.

Other restricted categories (for registered and visitor vehicles) include handicap, short-term, loading/service, electric, low-emission and motorcycle parking. The Parking Space Type Map shows where these spaces can be found around campus.

Contact Information


Monday through Friday,
8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Hixson Union Building - student life office

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