1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Lewis & Clark vs. Whitworth
  Date: 09/06/14  • Site: Spokane, Wash.

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
L&C wins toss and defers. Whitworth will receive.
L&c 1-10on L&c35L&C ball on L&C35.
Brown,Colin kickoff 53 yards to the WHTW12, McKay, Garrett return 28 yards to the WHTW40 (Taylor,Roy).
Whtw 1-10on Whtw40Peterson, Bryan pass complete to Clausen, Drew for 4 yards to the WHTW44 (Shirey,Curtis).
Whtw 2-6on Whtw44Peterson, Bryan pass complete to Degaetano, Duke for 3 yards to the WHTW47 (Retzlaff,Stein), PENALTY L&C illegal procedure 15 yards to the L&C38, 1ST DOWN WHTW.
Whtw 1-10on L&c381st and 10.
Whtw 1-10on L&c38Degaetano, Duke rush for loss of 1 yard to the L&C39 (Taylor,Roy).
Whtw 2-11on L&c39Peterson, Bryan pass incomplete to Fullman, A..
Whtw 3-11on L&c39Peterson, Bryan pass complete to Fullman, A. for 36 yards to the L&C3, 1ST DOWN WHTW (Tonga,Siosifa).
Whtw 1-Gon L&c03Peterson, Bryan pass incomplete.
Whtw 2-Gon L&c03Peterson, Bryan pass complete to Fullman, A. for 3 yards to the L&C0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 13:35.
Thullen, Robert kick attempt good.
Whitworth 7, Lewis & Clark 0
Whtw 1-Gon Whtw35WHTW ball on WHTW35.
 Drive: 7 plays, 60 yards, TOP 1:30
Thullen, Robert kickoff 60 yards to the L&C5, Shirey,Curtis return 21 yards to the L&C26 (Sturtevant, J.).
L&c 1-10on L&c26LEWIS & CLARK drive start at 13:30.
L&c 1-10on L&c26Bocker,Josh rush for loss of 1 yard to the L&C25 (Hirai, Brodrick).
L&c 2-11on L&c25Littlefield,Za rush for 15 yards to the L&C40, 1ST DOWN L&C (Wagner, Neil).
L&c 1-10on L&c40Littlefield,Za pass incomplete to Salois,Zac.
L&c 2-10on L&c40Hawkins,Eric rush for loss of 2 yards to the L&C38 (Aswegan, Sam).
L&c 3-12on L&c38Littlefield,Za pass complete to Costantino,Jak for 11 yards to the L&C49 (Wagner, Neil).
L&c 4-1on L&c49Timeout Lewis & Clark, clock 10:54.
L&c 4-1on L&c49Littlefield,Za rush for 4 yards to the WHTW47, 1ST DOWN L&C (Hirai, Brodrick).
L&c 1-10on Whtw47PENALTY L&C false start (Salois,Zac) 5 yards to the L&C48.
L&c 1-15on L&c48Bocker,Josh rush for 2 yards to the 50 yardline (Hirai, Brodrick;Brockhoff, Nic).
L&c 2-13on L&c50Littlefield,Za pass incomplete to Bocker,Josh.
L&c 3-13on L&c50Littlefield,Za rush for 2 yards to the WHTW48 (Shaw, Mac).
L&c 4-11on Whtw48Tonga,Siosifa punt 18 yards to the WHTW30, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 9 plays, 26 yards, TOP 4:26
Whtw 1-10on Whtw30WHITWORTH drive start at 09:04.
Whtw 1-10on Whtw30Peterson, Bryan pass incomplete, QB hurry by Taylor,Roy.
Whtw 2-10on Whtw30Peterson, Bryan pass complete to Williams, C. for 27 yards to the L&C43, PENALTY WHTW pass interference (Williams, C.) 15 yards to the WHTW15, NO PLAY.
Whtw 2-25on Whtw15Peterson, Bryan pass intercepted by Cena,Josh at the WHTW35, Cena,Josh return 0 yards to the WHTW35.
 Drive: 2 plays, minus 15 yards, TOP 0:26
L&c 1-10on Whtw35LEWIS & CLARK drive start at 08:38.
L&c 1-10on Whtw35Littlefield,Za pass complete to Hawkins,Michae for loss of 3 yards to the WHTW38 (Wagner, Neil).
L&c 2-13on Whtw38Littlefield,Za pass complete to Salois,Zac for 15 yards to the WHTW23, 1ST DOWN L&C (Hall, De').
L&c 1-10on Whtw23Bocker,Josh rush for loss of 2 yards to the WHTW25 (Hirai, Brodrick).
L&c 2-12on Whtw25Littlefield,Za sacked for loss of 4 yards to the WHTW29 (Brockhoff, Nic;Livingston, G.).
L&c 3-16on Whtw29Littlefield,Za pass complete to Ohland,Nico for 11 yards to the WHTW18.
L&c 4-5on Whtw18Brown,Colin field goal attempt from 34 GOOD, clock 05:29.
Whitworth 7, Lewis & Clark 3
L&c 1-Gon L&c35L&C ball on L&C35.
 Drive: 6 plays, 17 yards, TOP 3:18
Brown,Colin kickoff 56 yards to the WHTW9, McKay, Garrett return 25 yards to the WHTW34 (Taylor,Roy).
Whtw 1-10on Whtw34WHITWORTH drive start at 05:20.
Whtw 1-10on Whtw34Peterson, Bryan pass complete to Clausen, Drew for 11 yards to the WHTW45, 1ST DOWN WHTW (Fitch,Alex).
Whtw 1-10on Whtw45Peterson, Bryan sacked for loss of 7 yards to the WHTW38 (Traver,Andrew).
Whtw 2-17on Whtw38Hare, Griffin rush for 4 yards to the WHTW42.
Whtw 3-13on Whtw42Peterson, Bryan pass incomplete to Hare, Griffin.
Whtw 4-13on Whtw42Thullen, Robert punt 44 yards to the L&C14, Shirey,Curtis return 4 yards to the L&C18 (Thoren, Blake).
 Drive: 4 plays, 8 yards, TOP 1:20
L&c 1-10on L&c18LEWIS & CLARK drive start at 04:00.
L&c 1-10on L&c18Littlefield,Za pass complete to Bocker,Josh for 5 yards to the L&C23, out-of-bounds (Miller, Paul).
L&c 2-5on L&c23Bocker,Josh rush for 4 yards to the L&C27 (Phelan, JT;Brockhoff, Nic).
L&c 3-1on L&c27Timeout Lewis & Clark, clock 02:53.
L&c 3-1on L&c27Littlefield,Za pass complete to Salois,Zac for 6 yards to the L&C33, 1ST DOWN L&C (Miller, Paul).
L&c 1-10on L&c33Bocker,Josh rush for 2 yards to the L&C35 (Powe, Aaron).
L&c 2-8on L&c35Bocker,Josh rush for no gain to the L&C35 (Brockhoff, Nic).
L&c 3-8on L&c35Littlefield,Za rush for 8 yards to the L&C43, 1ST DOWN L&C (Powe, Aaron).
L&c 1-10on L&c43Bocker,Josh rush for 1 yard to the L&C44 (Stevenson,Tevyn), PENALTY L&C IS declined.
L&c 2-9on L&c44Littlefield,Za rush for 6 yards to the 50 yardline (Mackey, Kelvin).
 Drive: 8 plays, 32 yards, TOP 5:16
Whitworth 7, Lewis & Clark 3