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Whitworth Theology Department Annual Newsletter 2017

Josh Leim (2015-present) Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology

In mid-May we watched two of our theology graduates deliver commencement addresses to Whitworth's 2017 graduating class. In those moments I was humbled to be a part of the work that God is doing on our campus and in the theology department. Gratitude, therefore, best sums up my sentiment after my second year at Whitworth: gratitude for our students, this university, and the opportunity to enjoy the gift of teaching the Scriptures, of helping shape students into servants of Christ, and of working with what I consider to be a truly remarkable cohort of like-minded colleagues.

This year I have been delighted to teach a range of undergraduate courses: Matthew (two times), Greek Reading and Exegesis I & II, Interpreting Scripture, Core 150, and The Life and Teachings of Jesus. Each one of these courses proved a uniquely satisfying venue by which to engage students intellectually and spiritually and, most importantly, to encounter the God who is with us in Jesus Christ.

In the fall, along with teaching in our graduate theology program, I will be taking over as team leader of Whitworth's Core 150 program. I am excited about what the future holds for that program's ability to provide our students with a robust and winsome Christian worldview.

Thanks to Adam Neder's work as the Bruner-Welch Chair in creating the new Whitworth Theology Research Seminar, in the fall I had an opportunity to present some of my recent research to our colleagues and theology students. The paper, "Obedience and Salvation in the Gospel of Luke: Luke 10:25-37 as Protreptic Dialogue," focused on the way Luke's narrative articulates the relationship between obedience and salvation. The evening was a fruitful time of engagement and reflection, and I look forward to presenting again in the future.

Beyond the classroom and research, our family enjoyed the long Spokane winter by taking advantage of the very affordable night skiing on Mt. Spokane. Silas (5) is affectionately known as "the rocket," given that he points his skis straight downhill to gain as much speed as possible. Evangeline (4) enjoyed skiing for the first time this year, though she expressed a slightly more measured approach to the slopes than Silas. Salem (10) is absolutely delighted that the sun is now out and the flowers are blooming, and Clementine (1) is doing her best to be like her older brother and sisters.

As we all look toward the summer season, may we be filled with the joy and comfort of our crucified and risen Lord, seeking to be conformed to his image (Romans 8:29).