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Ministry Partnership

Launch Date: Sept. 1, 2017

The Office of Church Engagement (OCE) partners with ministries to equip disciples and engages culture with the Good News of Jesus through its global network of ministry partners. As the church discerns how to effectively engage our rapidly changing culture, the OCE functions as a resource for deepening existing forms of ministry and expanding new forms of ministry.

Entry into the Ministry Partnership network is $500 per year, and annual partnership cycles begin in fall 2017. Additional costs depend on the types of resources or programs that will best assist your ministry. These programs are developed by listening to the needs of our ministry partners and their ministry contexts.

Access to resources includes:

  1. Academy of Christian Discipleship (Current and Library Tracks)
  2. Summer Fellowship Program
  3. Discounts for the Whitworth Institute of Ministry
  4. The Calling Initiative

To apply for the Ministry Partner Network, please complete this online application.