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Whitworth University President Beck A. Taylor

I am excited and humbled to lead Whitworth, because the university's values and identity align so closely with my own. What makes Whitworth stand out is its distinctive and compelling mission. In so many ways, Whitworth is a leader among universities that profess to honor Christ -- precisely because it is courageous in its quest to nurture the life of the mind and to engage society's important issues.

At the outset of Whitworth 2021, the university's 10-year vision and strategic plan, Whitworth University finds itself at a crossroads in its history, when internal and external forces present opportunities and challenges that call for courageous decision-making. And in many ways, Whitworth has always lived out its mission at a crossroads that brings together the deep resources of its Christian mission with a broad spectrum of ideas, voices and perspectives to provide an education of mind and heart. When fundamentalism points to certainty based on unexamined assumptions, Whitworth invites tough questions and vigorous debate. And when relativism dismisses the very notion of moral absolutes, Whitworth stands assured of transcendent truth. In the creative tension at these intellectual and spiritual crossroads, the minds and hearts of students are forged for great things.

These crossroads represent the past and the future; they connect the immutable values that have guided Whitworth for more than 120 years with a bold vision for how the university will equip the next generation of students to "honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity."

It is my honor and privilege to engage the Whitworth community in exploring new and exciting ways in which the university can live out this mission.

Beck A. Taylor
Whitworth University