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Experience the Difference

Since 1890, Whitworth University has stayed faithful to its founding mission to provide "an education of mind and heart" through spirited and open intellectual inquiry guided by dedicated Christian professors.

While some Christian universities limit discussion or exploration of certain ideas, our professors encourage students to ask tough questions and search fearlessly for answers wherever they may be found. And while many institutions reject any role for faith in the pursuit of truth, Whitworth lifts up Christian conviction and intellectual curiosity as complementary rather than competing values.

As you will find in your college search, these dual commitments set Whitworth University apart in the higher education landscape. Read on to learn more about what your life would be like here and to discover eight ways a Whitworth education may be the best fit for you.

  • Academic Distinction

    Academic DistinctionFor more than a decade, Whitworth University has been ranked among the Top 10 regional universities in the West inU.S. News' America's Best Colleges guide, and is consistently designated a "Best in the West" university in Princeton Review's Best Colleges: Region by Region.

    While we carefully consider each student's entire application, our 2014 freshman class had an average high school GPA of 3.78 and an average SAT of 1763, making Whitworth one of the most academically selective universities in the Northwest. Our freshmen learn from professors who are top scholars in their fields and who are committed to teaching and connecting with students through service-learning, research projects and study abroad.

  • Christian Commitment

    Christian CommitmentWhitworth's founding mission is to prepare graduates to "honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity" in their lives and in their careers. Faculty and staff share a common commitment to integrate Christian faith with learning. That commitment provides a solid foundation that allows faculty and staff to engage challenging social, political and theological issues inside and outside the classroom.

    Members of the Whitworth community are encouraged to examine their values and beliefs with the confidence that convictions are sharpened by rigorous inquiry and by engagement with a broad spectrum of ideas. Abundant opportunities for campus worship, small groups and ministry/outreach enable students to explore and deepen their faith.

  • Strong Community

    Strong CommunityWhitworth fosters a living and learning environment that helps prepare students for life after college by developing in them a keen sense of individual responsibility and concern for the common good. Whitworth’s student leaders focus on building strong peer relationships and respect for shared values so that students become good decision-makers rather than just good rule-followers.

    Student residents at Whitworth meet each fall to take ownership for how they will live in community and hold one another accountable to the campus code of conduct. Whitworth involves more students in more diverse leadership roles than most other colleges and universities. And students can participate in more than 40 clubs and organizations.

  • Best Value

    Best ValueMajor factors in choosing a college are the cost and the return on investment. U.S. NewsForbes and Kiplinger's consistently recognize Whitworth as a "best value," based on the university's academic excellence and generous financial aid.

    Our dedicated financial aid counselors work with families from a broad range of economic backgrounds to finance their students' Whitworth education. Our most recent freshman class received an average of more than $30,000 in financial aid, making Whitworth one of the most affordable universities – public or private – in the West.

    And 85 percent of our graduates finish in four years, with student loan debt that is significantly below the national average.

  • Relational Focus

    Relational FocusWhitworth combines high-quality academic instruction with personal attention to create a sense of belonging that's often lost at larger institutions. With the university's 11-to-1 student-faculty ratio and small class sizes, you are not just a number in a faculty gradebook. Professors meet students frequently for coffee or lunch and invite them to their own family events. This one-on-one interaction creates a personalized learning environment and produces mentoring relationships that can last a lifetime.

    All across campus, faculty and students engage in Whitworth's vibrant campus life as they strive together to discern and pursue a calling that unites their strongest gifts and passions with the world's greatest opportunities and needs.

  • Study Abroad

    Study AbroadIn an increasingly interdependent world, college graduates must navigate other cultures with skill and understanding in order to live as engaged and effective global citizens.

    Through the university's innovative 4-1-4 academic calendar, Whitworth students have the opportunity to participate in study-abroad programs over Jan Term, May Term or during a full semester. Whitworth's 30-plus international study programs include ancient philosophy in Europe, computer science in India, international business in Asia, and politics and culture in South Africa.

    More than 45 percent of Whitworth's 2014 graduates completed at least one off-campus study program, making Whitworth the No. 1 university in the Pacific Northwest for study-abroad participation.

  • Championship Athletics

    Championship Athletics‌Whitworth's 20-sport varsity athletics program puts academics first and regularly finishes at the top of the conference standings, as well. In the past five years, 100 Whitworth athletes have earned Academic All-America, All-District or All-Conference honors.

    Thirteen Pirate teams finished first, second or third in conference standings to capture the 2014 All-Sports Trophy for best overall athletics program in the powerful Northwest Conference for the seventh year in a row. At the national level, Whitworth finished in the Top 60 of the NCAA DIII's 444 schools in overall competitive excellence for the fourth straight year.

    The campus and Spokane communities love to support the Pirates, who annually rank among the NCAA DIII national leaders in attendance for football, volleyball and men's basketball.

  • Career Success

    Career SuccessWhitworth has an excellent track record for placing students in successful careers and selective graduate schools such as Harvard University Law School, University of Washington School of Medicine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Stanford University.

    Whitworth's broad liberal arts education equips graduates with the critical-thinking skills, communication abilities and intercultural competency for long-term career and life success. More than 90 percent of 2014 graduates were employed or in graduate school within nine months of completing their degrees. In addition, we prepare our graduates to find and live out their vocations by connecting their deepest convictions to their work and to other major life decisions.