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The Loop 2010


Welcome to Whitworth University!

We're so glad your child has decided to attend Whitworth. Whether this is your first child in college or your fourth, we recognize that this is a big step -- not only for your child, but for you as well! 

As you prepare in the coming months to send your son or daughter to Whitworth, we want you to feel supported during this sometimes emotional time of transition. Though we won't be able to answer the questions you've become accustomed to asking your student (Where are you going? Who will you be with? When will you be home?), we do hope to keep you "in the loop" regarding what is going on around campus. The Loop is a newsletter for parents of new Whitworth students that provides helpful resources, information about campus life, perspectives from fellow Whitworth parents and students, details on upcoming events, and other features. The Loop is sent out three times a year by the Whitworth Office of Alumni & Parent Relations.

We look forward to partnering with you on this journey. Please let us know how we can be of service to you in the weeks and months ahead. We are so glad you're here, and that you, too, are now Whitworthians -- for life!

In the Whitworth Spirit,

Josh Cleveland, '01
Assistant Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

Alumni & Parent Relations Office Update

Summer Sendoffs

Summer Sendoffs are designed to gather incoming students and their families in similar geographic areas at the home of a current Whitworth family and give them a warm Pirate welcome. A Whitworth staff representative is available to answer your questions or point you in the direction of the person who can answer questions such as, "Where is the nearest hotel to Whitworth so I may visit my student as often as reasonably possible?" or "Where can I find the recipe for those delicious Whitworth French dip sandwiches I hear so much about?" To find out if there is a Summer Sendoff coming to your area before the end of the summer, please visit  As always, if you have any questions or needs, we in office of alumni and parent relations are happy to assist you.

Safety First
The safety and well-being of the campus community is Whitworth's highest priority. We have the staff, planning and resources in place to respond effectively to a broad range of possible emergencies. Whitworth's Executive Safety Committee meets monthly and oversees all policies and procedures related to campus safety, including regular review, testing and updating of the Whitworth Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Staff members with assigned responsibilities in the plan participate in campus training and exercises to refine our level of preparation.

In the event of a campus emergency, information updates will be available through the campus news section of our home page at, through the Whitworth switchboard at 509.777.1000, and through e-mail messages sent to students, *parents, faculty and staff. In addition, Whitworth uses RAVE, a text messaging service, to send notices aboutongoing, life-threatening emergencies to mobile devices of students, parents, faculty and staff who sign up for the service.

* Note: Parents who wish to receive emergency text messages from Whitworth need to register their cell phone number via their student. Students can designate up to three cell phone numbers, including parents' cell phone numbers, to receive emergency text messages. Students can manage their emergency contact information through their WhitNet accounts (the student must go to User Account, Emergency Contact Information).

To view Whitworth's ERP, please visit

Parents' Council
Whitworth's Parents' Council, sponsored by the Office of Annual Giving, Alumni, Parent & Church Relations, is a representative group of parents that meets on campus twice annually. Parents' Council members help to inform other parents about Whitworth and promote the welfare and advancement of the institution. Activities include serving as hosts in residence halls during Orientation Weekend, phoning the parents of new and prospective students, hosting Summer Sendoffs for incoming students and their families, and assisting with college fairs and the Whitworth Parents' Fund. For more information, please visit the Parents' Council site, or contact Assistant Director of Alumni & Parent Relations Josh Cleveland at 509.777.3732.

Note from Student Life

Dear Parents,

Sending a child to college is the beginning of a new chapter, both for the departing student and for the parent. When my wife, Judy, and I sent our kids to college, one to Whitworth, the other across the country, each departure marked a milestone for us. We felt a sense of accomplishment, but also fought a heightened sense of anxiety with all the change and uncertainty. We had aimed at this marker for years, but now that it was upon us we struggled (okay, I struggled) with the fact that my parenting was going to look different. I understood that I needed to let my children's university experience be theirs. They needed to create and own their successes and their failures as university students. And I needed to learn to be the parent of a university student. Part of my role as a parent was to learn more about the resources, services and opportunities that existed on campus. And part of the purpose of The Loop is to provide you as a parent with a starting point for familiarizing yourself with the resources, services and opportunities for students at Whitworth.

Whitworth Student Life is committed to contributing to an education "of the mind and heart." We provide a residential campus where students engage in the challenges of creating learning communities. Our student clubs and organizations offer opportunities for students to further an interest they have already identified, or to try out something new. Through campus employment and internships, students gain valuable experience and develop a sense of their unique gifts and skills. Whitworth's service-learning and community engagement offerings allow students to see how service can become a way of life that connects to any field of study. Our chapel programs create avenues for students to pursue their faith and to identify a clearer sense of individual calling. We believe that each student brings gifts in the form of aptitudes and abilities, as well as questions that will enrich our community. Our role is to support them in their journey, creating a space for them to grow, to learn, and to become part of the Whitworth community. 

The hope of the Student Life staff is that your student will find a sense of belonging and connection here, that Whitworth will be a place where your child is challenged as well as supported in the process of his or her own education, growth and development. We are grateful that you've chosen Whitworth and look forward to welcoming you this fall


Richard Mandeville, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

Student Perspectives

What were you best prepared for in coming to Whitworth?

"I was most prepared for the fact that when you look across campus, you see so many different people doing different things and you automatically feel a sense of that loving, welcoming community no matter who you are. I grew up around Whitworth and knew I was in for a larger family by coming here. No one here is the same and there is no cookie cutter Whitworth student; we are all different and do different things in our own ways."
--Taylor Powell, '13

"Through all the letters, calls and e-mails from Whitworth staff, I feel that I was best prepared to expect the unexpected. While I had solid ideas about what living in a dorm would be like, how I would be able to get to my classes, and how great Traditiation would be, I was prompted to stretch beyond those ideas and be ready for whatever college life would throw at me." --Caleb Klein, '13

What do you wish you had known when you arrived on campus opening day?

"I was not prepared for the personal growth and changes that occurred. Even though others had told me, I was stunned how quickly Whitworth became my home. I wish I would have known just how big of an impact this transitional time in college would affect the person I am becoming and my relationships, both past and present." --Nicole Sydor, '14

"I would consider myself an extroverted personality, but the first few weeks of school were even too much for me to handle. I wish someone had told me that I was responsible for actively going out and pursuing friendships, rather than waiting for friends to come find me. It took me a while to realize this, but once I began being pro-active in finding friends, it made all the difference for me socially. Whitworth had a ton of great people around campus, and all I had to do was invest the time to seek them out and get to know them." --Jamie Meyer, '14


Parent Perspectives

What were you best prepared for in bringing your student to Whitworth?

"We were prepared for the supportive Whitworth community, but it was actually even more than we expected!" --Brenda Williams, Olympia, Wash.  

"I had worked at Whitworth previously and our children had been all over campus, so there was a natural familiarity about the place. We knew professors, the president and others on campus. We also felt that we had done the best we could to make sure our children were spiritually and intellectually ready for the challenge of attending Whitworth. We wanted our children to have their own real, authentic faith. Not ours but theirs. Whitworth fanned the flames of their faith, individuality, friendships, worldviews and futures. We are so very thankful that two of our three children have been Pirates." --Kevin Bryant, Portland, Ore.

What do you wish you had known when you arrived on campus opening day?

"How amazing the RA staff would be in welcoming my son and looking out for him in the first days after we said good-bye. They were all really incredible in their depth of caring. They had planned so many fun activities; I don't think he missed us a bit!" --Brenda Williams, Olympia, Wash.  

"I wish I would have known how painful it was to have these humans that I love so very much move away. I would have kept them here with me forever! The separation and not being ready for that was definitely the most difficult thing. I could have been more personally prepared. My own personal sense of loss was more than made up for by the experiences that our children received at Whitworth University. I am so thankful our children have been able to attend Whitworth!" --Kevin Bryant, Portland, Ore.

Upcoming Events

Orientation Weekend  
Move-in day for new students is Saturday, Sept. 1, beginning at 9 a.m. Activities for both students and parents begin on this day as well. We highly recommend that you attend these great sessions, whether this is your first or your fifth student. Watch your mailbox for a schedule and full details about Orientation Weekend activities for parents and students.

Parents Weekend 2012
Parents' Weekend is Oct. 19-21. This is a great time to reconnect with your student after new routines have been established and to see campus in all its autumnal glory. You can attend a mini-lecture by a Whitworth professor, the fall theatre production, and athletics events, and, of course, enjoy time with your child. Book your hotel room early! To register for Parent's Weekend, click here. For a list of local hotel accommodations, click here.


Key Upcoming Dates

Please make note of these important upcoming dates, and be in contact with your student about any holiday travel plans well in advance, since students need to make arrangements with their professors should they need to miss a class.

Sept. 1               Residence halls open at 9 a.m. only for students who are new to Whitworth
Sept. 1-5            New-student orientation (parents welcome on Saturday and Sunday)
Sept. 5               Fall semester day and evening classes begin
Oct. 19-21          Parents' Weekend
Oct. 26-29          Fall Break (residence halls are open)
Nov. 21-23         Thanksgiving Break (residence halls are open)
Dec. 11-14         Final Exams Week
Dec. 15-Jan. 6    Christmas Break (residence halls close at 10 a.m. on Dec. 15)

Alumni & Parent Calendar
Campus Events Calendar
Academic Calendar

Parent Surveys
A short Parent Survey should have arrived in your mailbox earlier this summer. If you haven't yet completed and returned your survey, please do so today. This information will help us get to know your family and keep you informed of campus events and pertinent student news. If you have misplaced your survey, or if you never received a copy, please contact us at and we will be happy to provide you with another survey.

Parent Resources

One Stop Shop
In our parent resources section of The Loop, we often feature relevant books, articles and websites that may encourage, inform, or be of general interest to you. We highlight additional campus resources on the Whitworth parents website at Or, from our Whitworth homepage, simply select "Parents" from the crimson strip just under the Whitworth logo. Here you can find links to campus departments, Whitworth publications, and pertinent parent information and calendars. We continue to work to make this a "one stop shop" for any questions you may have.

Our online Parents' Handbook is also a great year-round resource. The Parents' Handbook contains a wealth of information, from a campus telephone directory, details on how to contact your student, and campus services and policies, to local business resources and travel information.

If you need assistance locating information, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact us at 509.777.3799 or 800.532.4668 or

Parent Update Form
If you are reading this newsletter on the parent website and you have not received The Loop via e-mail, chances are we don't have your e-mail address in our system. Please visit our Parent Update Form on the parent webpage at and make sure we have all of your current information in our database. Rest assured that we won't share your information with third parties.

Students' Handbook
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