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Chemistry – the study of matter and its transformations – has a profound effect on all areas of life. As we probe biochemical processes, new applications emerge for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Developments in materials drive the rapid advances in technology that we take for granted. Improved understanding of chemical principles can minimize or reverse the adverse environmental effects of modern lifestyles.

Department faculty members are committed to the development of men and women who are critical thinkers and who can deal with the shifting complexity of science to advance their careers.

The chemistry department offers degree programs that prepare students for a variety of careers in the biological, medical and environmental fields, and in research and development in industrial and government laboratories. The curriculum of these programs includes the following core courses that introduce students to the principles of chemistry: general and organic chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, quantum chemistry, thermochemistry, and select courses in general physics and calculus.

Students can also choose from a variety of upper-division chemistry courses that complement their career and/or graduate-school objectives. These elective courses offer students laboratory and/or field experiences in specialized areas of chemistry.


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