Why Whitworth

The 'grand paradox' of mind & heart

Since 1890, Whitworth has held fast to its founding mission to provide an education of mind and heart through rigorous and open intellectual inquiry guided by dedicated Christian scholars.

While some Christian universities limit engagement with challenging ideas or secular scholarship, Whitworth encourages bold questions and a fearless search for answers wherever they may be found. And though many other institutions deny any role for faith in the pursuit of truth, Whitworth affirms Christian conviction and intellectual curiosity as complementary rather than competing values.

Our students, supported by dedicated Christian faculty and staff, examine important ethical issues with intellectual rigor through the lens of faith. When Whitworth students graduate, they are prepared to excel in and influence industries and professions that will test their mettle; to live boldly in a pluralistic society that will challenge their deepest values and beliefs; and to meet the world's needs with sharp minds, moral courage and compassion.